[Sir Alexander Cockburn, Lord Chief Justice of England.] Autograph document, signed twice (both 'A. E. Cockburn'), giving verdict and sentence.

Sir Alexander Cockburn [Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn, 12th Baronet] (1802-1880), Lord Chief Justice of England and Member of Parliament
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Without date or place.
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On one side of an 8 x 10 cm piece of paper. Aged and worn, with light offsetting from another document. The two signatures (both 'A. E. Cockburn') are at the right hand corners. The verdict and sentence ('Guilty | 6 Mo. Imprisonment') are written between two lines centred at the left-hand margin. The purport of the document is unclear: it may be that the judge was required to record the verdict and sentence in this way for the clerk of the court.