[Charles Manners-Sutton [latterly 1st Viscount Canterbury], Speaker of the House of Commons.] Printed Circular, signed 'C. Manners Sutton', offering himself 'upon re-consideration' as a candidate to represent the University of Cambridge in Parliament

Charles Manners-Sutton (1780-1845), 1st Viscount Canterbury, Tory politician, Speaker of the House of Commons, 1817-1835, son of Archbishop of Canterbury [Trinity College; University of Cambridge]
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29 October 1822; Trinity College [Cambridge].
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1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged, with negligible traces from mount adhering to corners on blank reverse. A nice piece of Cambridge University ephemera. A crisply-printed circular, addressed to 'SIR', evidently sent to the electors for the University of Cambridge. Seventeen lines of text. He explains that when he first 'heard of the death of our late Representative, Mr. SMYTH, the apprehension of inconvenience arising to the public from my vacating my Seat in Parliament and the Chair of the House of Commons at the present moment, prevented me from at once offering myself to the attention of the University.' He has 'earnestly re-considered the subject, and believing upon re-consideration that no public inconvenience will ensue; and feeling too, as I have long most sincerely felt, that to represent the University of Cambridge in Parliament is among the proudest and most distinguished stations in the country, I trust I shall be pardoned, with this apology for my lateness, for now offering myself as a Candidate, and anxiously requesting your support'. As it has been his 'fortune to have sat some years in Parliament', he is persuaded the recipient 'would rather look to the conduct I have pursued, than to any professions I might make'. He only adds, that should he 'succeed in this great object of [his] ambition', he hopes he will 'never be found either careless of my duties, or forgetful of my obligations to yourself and to the University'.