[Rudyard Kipling: American fine printing of 'Britain's Favourite Poem'.] If.

Rudyard Kipling; The Pinkham Press, Boston, Mass.; Robert S. Pinkham
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Colophon: 'PINKHAM PRESS | CHRISTMAS | 1937'. [The Pinkham Press, 286 Congress Street, Boston, Mass.]
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[12]pp, 16mo. Tastefully printed in brown and black, and stitched into grey-green wraps, on the cover of which is the word 'If' in large gold print, enclosed in a brown rectangle. In good condition, lightly aged. Colophon on reverse of title, and on facing page a note with facsimile signatures of 'Robert S. Pinkham' and '[Jno?] [M O?] Pinkham': '"If" has so much of what it takes in the business of living, we offer it in the hope that something of the same high courage may be yours and ours during the years to come.' The poem is printed at eight lines to the page, over eight pages, with the first page headed by the title in brown ink, and the other seven headed with a horizontal ornamental band. A scarce and unusual printing of what is claimed to be 'Britain's Favourite Poem'.