[W. H. Auden on Louis Macneice, one of 250 copies.| A Memorial Address by W. H. Auden | delivered at All Souls, Langham Place on 17 October, 1963.

W. H. Auden [Louis Macneice]
Publication details: 
[One of 250 copies.] 'Privately printed for Faber and Faber, London' [1963].

[12]pp, 8vo. Paginated to 14, but twelve pages on six leaves, comprising half-title, title and eight pages of text. Sewn into raspberry printed wraps. Title with engraving of the church, duplicated on front cover. Internally in fair condition, with slight creasing, but with blue ink (or wine?) stain at foot of outer edge of front cover. Bloomfield & Mendelson A46, which states that the edition was printed in November 1963 and limited to 250 copies, 'sent out to a number of personal friends whose names were mainly suggested by Mrs. MacNeice'. In this case, from the library of Christopher Fry.

[A nineteen-thirties 'action song' about the British police.] Sheet music (Curwen Edition 1329): 'Our Model Policemen | Humorous Character Sketch for Boys | Words and Music by J. Frise'.

J. Frise [Jesse Frise]; J. Curwen & Sons, London publisher
Publication details: 
Curwen Edition 1320. London: J. Curwen and Sons Ltd., 24 Berners Street, W.1. [1930]

7 + [1]pp, 4to. On two loose bifoliums. In fair condition, worn and aged. Stamped twice on cover: 'CORRECTION COPY' with date 1 July 1938, and second date, 29 November 1946. On the cover is an attractive stylized children's illustration, Curwen press style, hand-coloured in blue and orange, depicting three policemen walking in a line, truncheon aloft, before a row of houses and a church. The second page is blank; the third carries 'Hints for Performance', including 'Directions for Marching'. The musical score (for voice and piano) and words cover the four pages 4-7.

[The Glasgow book trade: John B. Wylie of Jackson, Wylie & Co. booksellers to the University, on the death of an employee.] Typed Letter Signed ('John B. Wylie') to John G. Wilson of J. & E. Bumpus, discussing 'Dalglish' and his demise.

John B. Wylie, director of Jackson, Wylie & Co, booksellers to the University of Glasgow [John G. Wilson [John Gideon Wilson (1876-1963)] of the London booksellers J. & E. Bumpus; Dalglish]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Jackson, Wylie & Co. ('Booksellers, Librarians, Stationers & Bookbinders'), 73 West George Street, Glasgow. 10 April 1931.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. He acknowledges Wilson's 'kind letter regarding Dalglish', who 'suffered a good deal during the latter weeks of his life, but I am glad to say that even then he still retained that brightness of disposition of which you speak'.

[ Gerald Duckworth & Co., Ltd., London publishers. ] A Catalogue of the Books published by Duckworths'.

Gerald Duckworth & Co., Ltd., London publishers [ Anthony Powell (1905-2000), novelist ]
Publication details: 
Gerald Duckworth & Co., Ltd. 3 Henrietta Street, London, W.C.2. 1928.

71pp., 8vo. Stapled in orange printed wraps. Divided into three sections: 'The catalogue arranged under authors', 48pp.; 'Lists of series', 14pp.; and 'Index to titles', 9pp. An interesting range of authors and topics (at the time Anthony Powell was the firm's literary editor), from Harold Acton's 'Aquarium' and 'An Indian Ass' to Karl Mantzius's 'A History of Theatrical Art in Ancient and Modern Times'.

[ Ciro of Bond Street, London jewellers. ] Four 1930s trade catalogues: 'A Treasury of Pearls & Jewels', 'A Book of New and Exclusive Jewels', 'Exclusive Watches' and 'A Book of New and Exclusive Watches by Ciro - Part 2 - Jewelled Watches'.

Ciro of Bond Street, London jewellers, founded in 1917
Publication details: 
'Ciro of Bond Street' [ Ciro, 48 Old Bond Street, London, W.1. ] None of the four dated, but all from the 1930s.

The four items date from around the same period, all printed in black and white on shiny art paper, stapled in cream card wraps with simple and elegant titles printed in gold on the front covers. All four are profusely illustrated, with accompanying effusive text. Two have price lists printed in red tipped-in at the end. All four are in fair condition, with pages of text in a good state, and light signs of age and wear to the covers, the two larger items exhibiting slight rolled creasing, and one of them with wear at foot of spine.

Anonymous album containing 29 quarto pages of superior ink drawings of teddy bears and other stuffed toys in cartoonish and anthropomorphic style.

[An album of strikingly original illustrations of teddy bears]
An album of strikingly original illustrations of teddy bears
Publication details: 
The album dates from the 1930s; the drawings are undated, and would appear to be slightly later.
An album of strikingly original illustrations of teddy bears

4to album, with the 29 pages of drawings on 28 leaves (on the rectos, except on one leaf, where they are on both sides). The album gives evidence of having been re-used, but gives no evidence as to the identity of the artist. While the covers of the album are worn, with the spine becoming detached, and with its leaves of discoloured high-acidity paper, all the drawings are clear and complete, consisting of twenty-eight full-page studies, and the remaining page (the first) with three studies on it. A few of the illustrations are lightly- and tastefully-coloured in pastel watercolour.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Walter'), in German, to 'Mein lieber Bert!'

Walter Koschatzky (1921-2003), German art critic
Publication details: 
28 March 1939; on his letterhead as 'Direktor der Cöpenicker Boden Akt. Ges. Wolfsgarten u. der Erkner Berliner Vorort-Terrainges. mbH.'

4to, 4 pp. Bifolium. 59 lines of text. Clear and complete. On lightly-aged paper, with 4.5 cm closed tears to the outer edge of central horizontal fold to both leaves. A large part of the letter would appear to concern washing machines, including a reference to a new one on the American market, called the 'Waterflex'. A few lines in English at end: 'Many thanks for your Birthday-carte. Sorry year it arrived 1 month to [sic] late.' Sends love to 'Dorothy', and reference in text to 'Kajitan': 'Das wird Dir bestimmt Freude machen. Das ist alles viel besser als die Politik.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Miss Zeman'.

Francis Lambert McCrudden (1872-1958), editor of The Raven Anthology ('Issued Monthly by the Raven Poetry Circle of Greenwich Village')
Publication details: 
Undated; on letterhead of the Raven Anthology.

Octavo, 2 pp. 23 lines of text. Lightly discoloured and slightly creased. The letterhead gives the names of seven of the Anthology's staff, and features an illustration of a raven. Regarding a line missed (beginning 'O fool') in the printing of a poem of Zeman's, he is pleased that Zeman has been able to 'see the matter from my side', and doesn't think 'an explanatory note in our next issue would be adequate'. Zeman's poem is 'beautiful' and 'well worth reprinting'. 'As to the Soiree, in your honor, think no more about it.

Typed Letter Signed to Betty Ross.

Edward Verrall Lucas
Publication details: 
12 February 1936; on letterhead of the publishers Methuen & Co Ltd.

English essayist and biographer of Charles Lamb (1868-1938). One page, quarto. Good only, on discoloured and creased paper. Lucas finds Ross's 'Heads and tales, etc.' (London: Rich & Cowan, 1934), a collection of interviews with the famous, 'incorrigibly lively'. 'I do not share all your sympathies but you have made a very entertaining thing out of question and answer. While I was reading, it occurred to me that a new kind of interview might be based on the "Questions I should not put to So-and-so". To G[eorge]. B[ernard].

Typed Letter Signed to the Hon. William Sulzer, 115 Broadway, New York City.

Publication details: 
4 January 1934; on letterhead '40 WALL STREET | NEW YORK'.

American lawyer (1873-1958), who in 1930 headed the investigation into political corruption in New York City which brought about the decline of Tammany Hall. Sulzer (1863-1941) had been elected Democratic Governor of New York in 1913 with Tammany support, but had been removed from office following an internal dispute. One page, quarto. Very good. His reply to Sulzer's letter has been delayed due to 'pressure of other matters and my absence from the City'. He thanks Sulzer for the 'recent note conveying your good wishes.

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