[A nineteen-thirties 'action song' about the British police.] Sheet music (Curwen Edition 1329): 'Our Model Policemen | Humorous Character Sketch for Boys | Words and Music by J. Frise'.

J. Frise [Jesse Frise]; J. Curwen & Sons, London publisher
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Curwen Edition 1320. London: J. Curwen and Sons Ltd., 24 Berners Street, W.1. [1930]
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7 + [1]pp, 4to. On two loose bifoliums. In fair condition, worn and aged. Stamped twice on cover: 'CORRECTION COPY' with date 1 July 1938, and second date, 29 November 1946. On the cover is an attractive stylized children's illustration, Curwen press style, hand-coloured in blue and orange, depicting three policemen walking in a line, truncheon aloft, before a row of houses and a church. The second page is blank; the third carries 'Hints for Performance', including 'Directions for Marching'. The musical score (for voice and piano) and words cover the four pages 4-7. The first verse (of four) reads: 'When a lot of stalwart fellows such as we, | Patrolling down the street you often see, | With a step that's firm and steady, you will know that we are ready | To watch over all the public property. | Though a bobby's very often taken off, | (For at us very many people scoff) | We have got a little notion there would be a great commotion | If our services were suddenly cut off. | We are there, there, there, up and down, and ev'ry where, | In a half-a-dozen places we're investigating cases, | In the court, and alley, park and square: | We are there, there, there, up and down and ev'ry where, | Whenever duty calls us we are there, there, there.' On the back cover is an advertisement for the Curwen Edition 'Action Songs for School Concerts' series, the twenty-two titles including '1487 Ebony Coloured Coons . . . Rodney and Joan Bennett | A humorous scene. Three principal coons (boys or girls), and any number in chorus. Optional dance.', '1480 I want to scout 'till I'm seventy-three . . . A. F. Hyslop | A jolly song in praise of scouting.' and '1481 In praise of syrup (A “sweet” song.) . . . A. F. Hyslop'. Frise published at least six titles with Curwens, from before the First World War to the 1930s, including 'Frise's Infant Songs' (c.1930).