[ Slade School, University College London. ] Black and white school photograph titled 'University College, London, Slade School | June, 1947'. With names of 45 of the subjects on reverse in the autograph of student Beatrix Blake.

[ Slade School, University College London, 1947; Beatrix Blake ] [ Randolph Schwabe; Alfred Gerrard; Aelred Bartlett; Allan Gwynne-Jones; George Charlton; Peter Alfred Brooker; Richard Beer ]
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[ Slade School, University College London. June 1947. ] Print by Panora Ltd, London, WC1.

Black and white photographic print on 20 x 82 cm piece of paper, with image size 14.5 x 78 cm. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear, tightly rolled. Printed caption below image, and photographers' details at bottom right. The year's intake and the tutors are placed in five rows on the grass in front of the main building.

[ Eileen Chandler, artist. ] Personal album relating to her portrait work, mainly in Hollywood, and including photographs of her portraits, and original photographs of children of celebrities.

Eileen Chandler [ born Eileen Harris ] (1904-1993), English artist who worked in Los Angeles on portraits of Hollywood children [ Liza Minnelli; Mia Farrow; Deborah Kerr; Maureen O'Sullivan ]
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Undated [ 1950s and 1960s ]. Mainly relating to her time in Los Angeles, California.

For more information about Chandler, see the appreciative obituary by Vy Reiners in the Independent, 5 February 1993, which describes how 'An article in the Illustrated London News launched her on a successful career that took her to Hollywood, painting sensitive, charming watercolour portraits of the children of the stars, and many of the stars themselves.' The present item contains 70 photographs in a 24 x 33 cm album. The photographs, ranging in size from 19 x 23 cm. downwards, are in good condition, with light signs of age and wear.

Autograph Signature of Alice M. Head, 'former secretary to Lord Alfred Douglas and author of "It Could Never Have Happened'. With portrait photograph (probably part of the jacket of her book.

Alice M. Head (d. 1981), secretary to Lord Alfred Douglas, editor of 'Good Housekeeping' and 'Homes & Gardens', and Randolph Hearst's 'personal representative in Europe'
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Neither item dated. Photograph by 'Photo Lenare'.

Both items fair, on lightly-aged paper, with evidence of previous mounting. The signature ('A W Head') is on a piece of 12 x 10 cm paper cut from a typed business letter, and reads 'Yours sincerely, | [signed] A W Head | A. W. Head.', with the reference 'AMH/MKP'. Neatly written in blue capitals, underlined in red, is 'FORMER SECRETARY TO LORD ALFRED DOUGLAS AND AUTHOR OF "IT COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED"'. The photograph by 'Photo Lenare', 10 x 14 cm, apparently cut from a magazine or book jacket, is captioned 'ALICE M. HEAD - a recent photograph'.

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