[ Nineteenth-century Boston children's book with hand-coloured illustrations by Chandler and Duran. ] The Delectable Historie of the Cat and the Rabbits.

'G. W. Cottrell, Publisher, Bookseller, Stationer, and Valentine Dealer, No. 36 Cornhill, Boston' [ Chandler and Duran, Massachussetts ]
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Boston: G. W. Cottrell, Publisher. ('Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by CHANDLER & DURAN, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachussetts.')

29pp., small 4to. Stitched into card covers. Internally in fair condition, in aged and worn covers repaired along the spine with brown tape. There are eleven hand-coloured engravings: one on the cover, a frontispiece, two vignettes (at the beginning and end of the poem) and seven full-page illustrations in the body of the poem (six of them with blank reverses). The cover illustration, frontispiece, and all but two of the full-page engravings are attributed to Chandler and Duran.

[ Eileen Chandler, artist. ] Personal album relating to her portrait work, mainly in Hollywood, and including photographs of her portraits, and original photographs of children of celebrities.

Eileen Chandler [ born Eileen Harris ] (1904-1993), English artist who worked in Los Angeles on portraits of Hollywood children [ Liza Minnelli; Mia Farrow; Deborah Kerr; Maureen O'Sullivan ]
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Undated [ 1950s and 1960s ]. Mainly relating to her time in Los Angeles, California.

For more information about Chandler, see the appreciative obituary by Vy Reiners in the Independent, 5 February 1993, which describes how 'An article in the Illustrated London News launched her on a successful career that took her to Hollywood, painting sensitive, charming watercolour portraits of the children of the stars, and many of the stars themselves.' The present item contains 70 photographs in a 24 x 33 cm album. The photographs, ranging in size from 19 x 23 cm. downwards, are in good condition, with light signs of age and wear.

[J. D. Emms, ship chandler of Lowestoft.] Autograph account book ('J D EMMS | 1851 | SHIP-BREAD'), recording the itemised orders for provisions for a large number of individuals and ships.

J. D. Emms [Jewett David Emms] (fl. 1898), ship chandler of 3 Commercial Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk
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Lowestoft, Suffolk. 3 September 1851 to 26 November 1853.

254pp., in long (32 x 10cm.) account book. Bound in vellum, with the front endpaper carrying a printed diary ('Almanack for 1850'), and the rear endpaper marbled. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, in grubby vellum binding. At the head of the front free endpaper Emms has written 'J. D. Emms | Lowestoft | 1851 | Aug 6th.', and on the front cover: 'J D EMMS | 1851 | SHIP-BREAD'. Closely written, with the entries marked as paid, with Emms's signature and that of 'J. C. Emms'.

Mr. Disraeli, Colonel Rathborne, and the Council of India. A letter [...] in explanation of a petition of enquiry, presented from Colonel Rathborne, on the 9th August, 1859. (For distribution to the Members of the House of Commons.)

[Anthony Blake Rathborne, 'Colonel, and late Collector and Magistrate of Hyderabad, in Scynde'; Benjamin Disraeli]
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London: 1860. [Charles Westerton, Publisher, St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner.]

Quarto: 88 pp. Unbound and in worn original yellow printed wraps. On aged, discoloured paper, with last dozen leaves and back wrap with damage (by burn?), affecting only a few words of text, but requiring repair. This copy addressed on back wrap to 'T C Haliburton Esq MP | Atheneum Club | Pall Mall' (Thomas Chandler Haliburton, 1796-1865). An uncommon item: COPAC only lists copies at Cambridge, Bristol, the National Library of Scotland and the British Library.

Letter in a Secretarial Hand, signed in Autograph, 'To the Rt: Honble: the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury', together with engraved portrait by Guillaume Philippe Benoist (1725-70).

Thomas Sherlock, Bishop of London
Publication details: 
Letter dated 20 August 1751.

English ecclesiastic (1678-1761) and controversialist, who left his library to Cambridge University. LETTER: one page, octavo, discoloured and creased, and with neatly-repaired loss of strip approximately four inches by one and a half to top right-hand corner, causing some loss to text. Reads 'My Lords. | The Reverend Thomas Bradbury C Master of Arts being Licenced to perform th Office in New Jersey in his Majestys Plant America and on his departure thither I request that your Lordships will be pleased to his Majesty's Bounty of Twenty pounds to defray of his passage to that Province'.

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