[Louise Chandler Moulton, American author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Louise C. Moulton') to 'Mr. Boyd', including holograph poem 'Has Spring Come Back?', which she has written that day for a party celebrating the engagement of Longfellow's daughter.

Louise Chandler Moulton [born Ellen Louise Chandler] (1835-1908), American author and poet [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet]
Publication details: 
Letter: 31 December [1884]; 28 Rutland Square, Boston. Poem signed and dated 'S. C. M. | Dec. 31. 1884.'

A nice item, in which, writing to a friend in London, Moulton describes, and encloses a holograph copy of, the poem she has written that very day for the following day's New Year's Eve party to celebrate the engagement of Longfellow's youngest daughter Anne Allegra to Joseph Gilbert Thorp Jr. (1852-1931). 4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. Aged, worn and creased, with damage resulting in loss of a couple of words of text, due to tearing of the letter away from mount. The letter covers three pages, the last written lengthwise, and is forty-six lines long.

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