[Cloudesley Brereton, educationalist and poet.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Society of Arts, topics including a proposed lecture and America. With inscribed printed prospectus for 'Roger Bacon Commemoration'.

Cloudesley Brereton [Cloudesley Shovell Henry Brereton] (1863-1937), educationalist and poet [Sir Henry Trueman Wood (1845-1929), Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, London; Roger Bacon]
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Letters: 4 January 1900, on letterhead of Briningham House, Melton Constable; 2 July 1901, on letterhead of Westminster Hotel, New York; 12 July [1913], on letterhead of 7 Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, N.W. [London] Prospectus: July 1913.
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Four items, in good condition, lightly aged. The three letters with date stamps of the Society of Arts, and two with pencil annotations. All three signed 'Cloudesley Brereton'. ONE: ALS of 4 January 1900. 2pp, 12mo. He thanks him for his 'kindly intervention with the Board of Education', which he believes 'will in time bear good fruit'. He has been 'thinking over' Wood's 'suggestion of giving a lecture on the Rural Schools of France', and would 'much like to take it up if you have still a vacant date & you do not want it too soon - as I am just now overwhelmed with work'. If Wood has any date free after the appearance of his report in March, it 'might help to arouse public attention on the subject'. TWO: ALS of 2 July 1901. 2pp, 8vo. Engraving of the Westminster Hotel, New York, as letterhead. He thanks Wood for 'the introduction to the Chief Commissioner at Buffalo', which has just reached him. He has 'already met several interesting people' in America, and spent 'one eventful day at the Harvard Commencement; but the heat is rapidly taking all the life & go out of me'. He has 'still to go to Washington', where he hopes to be able 'to turn my face towards Detroit which ought to be considerably cooler'. THREE: ALS of 12 July [1913]. 2pp, 12mo. Enclosing Item Four, in the hope that Wood 'will help us in the work of raising an adequate memorial to Roger Bacon'. FOUR: Prospectus for 'Roger Bacon Commemoration', by 'Arch. Geikie, Chairman. | H. W. L. Hime, Lieut.-Col., Secretary'. Dated to July 1913. 3pp, folio. Nicely printed on thick paper. Folded once. Inscribed by Brereton at head of first page: 'with Cloudesley Brereton's compliments'. The prospectus by Geikie and Hime is one and a half pages long, and followed by the names of twelve members of the executive committee. The prospectus begins by announcing that 'It is proposed to commemorate in 1914 the Seventh Centenary of Roger Bacon's birth (1214) by erecting a statue (by Mr. Hope Pinker) in his honour in the Natural History Museum at Oxford, and by raising a fund for the publication of his works.' The final two pages carry the names of 'those who have already joined the General Committee', including sections on France (headed by Bergson), Germany, Italy and the United States.