[Michael Ramsay, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Cardinal Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster.] Autograph Signatures ('+ Michael Canuar:' and '+ John Card. Heenan') on Vatican first day cover. With covering Typed Note Signed from Rev. Michael Moore.

Michael Ramsay [Arthur Michael Ramsay] (1904-1988), hundredth Archbishop of Canterbury; John Carmel Heenan [Cardinal Heenan] (1905-1975), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster
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The first day cover with Vatican postmark dated 8 December 1965. Moore's note: 26 February 1968, on Lambeth Palace letterhead of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations.
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Both items in good condition, lightly aged. The first day cover, celebrating the end of the second Ecumenical Council, is printed in brown, red and green, illustrated with photographic portraits of Ramsay and Pope Paul VI. It carries two Vatican stamps and a Vatican postmark. Towards the right of the cover, one over the other, are the signatures of '+ Michael Canuar:' and '+ John Card. Heenan'. Moore's Typed Letter Signed is addressed to Umberto Giorgi of Vicenza, Italy, and reads: 'The Archbishop of Canterbury was grateful for your letter. His Grace has now signed your card, as Cardinal Heenan has done, and has asked me to return it to you with his good wishes and Blessing.'