[James J. Davis ['Iron Puddler', 'Puddler Jim'], Welsh-born United States Republican Party Senator from Pennsylvania.] Typed Letter Signed ('James J Davis') to Sir Arthur Cope, introducing journalist (and spy?) 'Mr. William Edward Cope of New York'.

James J. Davis [James John Davis] (1873-1947), Welsh-born United States Republican Party Senator from Pennsylvania, nicknamed 'Iron Puddler' and 'Puddler Jim' [Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope, artist]
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21 December 1925. On embossed letterhead of the Secretary of Labor, Washington.
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1p, 4to. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper. Addressed to 'Sir Arthur Cope | London'. The letter reads: 'My dear Sir Arthur: | This will introduce Mr. William Edward Cope of New York, a member of the National Press Club, who is going abroad to do some newspaper work. He desires a brief interview with you and I bespeak for him such courtesies as you may find it convenient to render him.' The subject of the letter W. E. Cope would appear to have been a government agent. See Gage's 'The Day Wall Street Exploded' (2010), in which he is described as 'one of those mysterious figures who appears [sic] to occupy a no-man's-land between his roles as a newspaper publicist specializing in antiradical affairs and as an undercover operative working for both private agencies and government firms'.