[ Herbert Trench, Irish Poet ] Autograph Letter Signed Herbert Trench to Douglas Jerrold, author and editor., discussing the imminent performance of Apollo and his other favourite works.

Herbert Trench [ Frederic Herbert Trench (1865 – 1923), Irish poet ]
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5 Mansfield PLace, Richmond, Surrey with Printed heading Board of Education Library. and its embossed stamp , 12 November 1907.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, sl. grubby with remnants indicatiing it was formerly tipped in an album, mainly good. He thanks him for his letter and kind expressions. I am sure to profit by your criticism, whatever it is: & I am very glad indeed to hear you approve of the book. | The first piece 'Apollo & the Seaman' is to be done at the Queen's Hall, in the dark, to 100 instruments: & 100-200 mle voices : the words to be cast upon a sheet. It is an experimental development of the Strauss programme music idea: & will be very unusual. | I think 'Apollo', 'Tolstoi', 'Questioners' 'Stanzas on Poetry' the best pieces, myself - or the least faulty, though [?] life. As to the £2/2s let you publishers send them direct to me, & I will arrange with Methuen.