[Alfred Austin, Poet Laureate.] Autograph Signature and Note, to printed form on post card addressed to 'The Registrar of the University of Leeds'.

Alfred Austin (1835-1913), Poet Laureate from 1896 to his death, born at Headingley, Yorkshire [University of Leeds]
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Regarding attendance at the University of Leeds degree ceremony, Town Hall, Leeds, on 6 October 1904.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The item is a nice association between Austin and his birthplace. An 8 x 13.5 cm post card, printed on both sides. In fair condition, aged, with central vertical fold. The form is a request for a ticket to the degree ceremony, but Austin has altered the text in autograph to read: 'I shall be glad [if you will kindly admit the bearer of this] ticket [to] the Degree Ceremony, at the Town Hall, Leeds, on Thursday, October 6th, 1904.' He signs 'Alfred Austin' at bottom right, underlined with two short lines.