[Arnold Haskell; dance critic] Autograph Contribution (extracted) to an Album with individuals writing on the subject Happiness, Signed Arnold L. Haskell.

Arnold Haskell [ Arnold Lionel David Haskell (1903–1980), dance critic ].
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No place given, Sept. 1941.
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Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. A full page in his smallish neat hand. He starts by saying some general words about Happiness concluding It is something far more than the immediate reaction to a piece of very good news. He can recall many such moments, including family life, firendship, etc., but one stands out. He goes on to describe in evocative style The most vivid moment of all [...] in the Australian bush. I sat in the shade of a large blue gum tree. The glare of the hot summer sun was broken up by the l;eaves and formed a pattern all around me. I could feel its warmth, I could smell the aromatic perfume of the bush, I could hear the hum of the cicada and the tinkle of the bell birds, I could see a fantastic surrealiste [sic] landscape paintedd in the gold and purple of Australia ['''] I was feeling not thinking. Never had my senses [...]. And so on in the same vein fro a few more lines.