[Motorcycle Speedway.] Publicity photos, each signed by the subject, of Norman Parker, captain of the Wimbledon Dons, and his rider George ‘Huck’ Fynn.

[Motorcycle Speedway] Norman Parker (1908-1999), captain of the Wimbledon Dons; his rider George ‘Huck’ Fynn (b.1922), Australian speedway rider
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Between 1945 and 1953, when Parker was with the Wimbledon Dons. Each photograph stamped on reverse ‘BCM/SPORTS PHOTOS, / LONDON, W.C.1.’
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Parker was with the Wimbledon Dons between 1945 and 1953, during which time he won three national trophies (1950, 1951 and 1953). He also rode in several World Finals. Fynn came over to Britain from Australia, and Speedway Star, 7 May 2022, contains a biographical feature, with photograph, on the occasion of his hundredth birthday. A pair of black-and-white prints, each on 14 x 9 cm glossy paper. Each with stamp of ‘BCM/SPORTS PHOTOS’ on reverse, stating ‘SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHS 6d each’. Both items are somewhat worn and aged, with Parker’s dog-eared at the corners (not affecting the portrait or signature). Each a head and shoulders shots of the subject staring into the camera, with each rider wearing his motorcycle jacket, with a jerkins carrying a large star over the top of it. Neither is helmetted, and Parker has a white handkerchief and his goggles around his neck. He has signed his photograph ‘N. Parker’ upwards over the right shoulder, while Fynn signs ‘Huck Fynn’ over the jerkin. Each photograph is neatly captioned on reverse in pencil.