[ 'The Girl on a Motorcycle', 1968 film starring Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull. ] Material relating to arbitration by Jack Pulman, for the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, of dispute over credits between Jack Cardiff and Ronald Duncan.

Jack Pulman (1925-1979), British screenwriter [ Ronald Duncan (1914-1982), author; Jack Cardiff (1914-2009), film director; The Writers' Guild of Great Britain; 'The Girl on a Motorcycle' ]
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[ The Writers' Guild of Great Britain, 430 Edgware Road, London. ] Two items on Pulman's letterhead, 31 Steele's Road, London. 1968.

Six items relating to Pulman's arbitration, including 'a careful breakdown [by him] of scene continuity of the Bourguignon script, the Duncan script and the final shooting script', these three breakdowns (Items Two to Four below) totalling 8pp. In his four-page arbitration, Pulman gives a detailed account of the process of the film's composition, of all the more interest as coming from a master screenwriter and contemporary. All six items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Carbon copy of Pulman's signed four-page 'Arbitration - "GIRL ON A MOTORCYLE" | Writers involved - S.

Typed Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copy of letter by him to T. Thorne Baker.

Selwyn Edge
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The letter: 17 December 1913, on letterhead '7, HERTFORD STREET, | MAYFAIR, W.'; the carbon copy: 17 December 1913, no place.

Motorcycle, motorboat and motorcar racer (1868-1940), leading figure in the motor business, 'in farming established the largest pedigree pig-breeding business in the United Kingdom [...] winner of many classic cycle races, the only British winner of the Gordon Bennett race, the International Harmsworth Motor Boat Trophy and the Championship of the Sea at Monaco [...] holder for over 17 years of 24 hours' motor-car record of 1581 miles' continuous driving, in this country, and then beaten by his own car' (Who's Who). Both items one page, quarto.

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