[Sir Charles Trevelyan and the Union of Democratic Control.] Typed Note Signed ('Charles Trevelyan') to E. Dinnage of Cambridge, enclosing a receipt ‘for payment of literature already sent’.

Sir Charles Trevelyan [Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, 3rd Baronet] (1870-1958), Liberal politician, a founder of the anti-First World War group the Union of Democratic Control
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11 February 1915. On letterhead of The Union of Democratic Control, 37 Norfolk Street, Strand, W.C., London.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB, which states that after his resignation from government in protest against the impending war, ‘Around him he rallied those few brave, independent spirits who shared his views. Together they helped to found the Union of Democratic Control, in A. J. P. Taylor's judgement 'the most formidable Radical body ever to influence British foreign policy' (A. J. P. Taylor, Politicians, Socialism and Historians, 1982, 103). Trevelyan became the union's principal advocate in the Commons. His stubborn campaign for peace won him grudging respect, if not admiration and support.’ 1p, 4to. On aged, creased and lightly-spotted paper. Folded for postage. Addressed to ‘E. Dinnage Esq. / 38 Kimbereley Rd / Cambridge’, the note reads. ‘Dear Sir, / I enclose receipt for payment of literature already sent. / I remain / Yours truly / Charles Trevelyan.’ The signature is large and bold. The receipt is not present. See Image.