[ Quakers and pacifism in the eighteenth century. ] Printed form ('No. 40.'), a warrant of distress for 'one of the people called quakers', who has failed to provide a substitute to serve in the militia.

Quakers and pacifism in the eighteenth century [ W. Strahan and M. Woodfall, Law-Printers to his Majesty; T. Cadell, Bookseller in the Strand, London; Francis Newbold (b.1768), Macclesfield surgeon ]
Publication details: 
Printed by W. Strahan and M. Woodfall, Law-Printers to his Majesty; for T. Cadell, and sold only by the said T. Cadell, Bookseller in the Strand. Late eighteenth century ('in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and [blank]').

1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and worn laid paper, 1.5" closed tear. A printed form which has not been completed in manuscript. At top right: 'No. 40.', and the royal coat of arms at head. A rare and interesting piece of pacifist and Quaker ephemera, and a testament to nonviolent resistance.

[ Mabel Dearmer, author and pacifist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dearest Molly'

Mabel Dearmer [ Jessie Mabel Prichard Dearmer, née White ] (1872-1915), English illustrator, writer, nursing orderly and pacifist
Publication details: 
On letterhead of St. Mary's Vicarage, Primrose Hill, N.W. [ London ] 23 April [ 1909 ].

2pp., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A warm and characteristically solicitous letter. She has heard 'such a sad account' of the recipient, and hopes she is 'quite well & fit again now'. The Dearmers 'couldn't manage Paris but we should have loved it - There has been so much - boys' holidays & my book & now another new play! I am sending you "Gervase" - I always think of correcting the proofs at Alnmouth and the sunshine there - & your little red cap with the tassel!' She asks if 'Mrs.

[ Charles Gilpin, Quaker MP for Northampton, pacifist, abolitionist and author. ] Autograph Note Signed to 'Mr E Whittingham', regarding his movements the following day. With newspaper cutting of obituary and engraved portrait.

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), Quaker Member of Parliament for Northampton, abolitionist, pacifist and author
Publication details: 
On House of Commons letterhead. 'May 8th. | 1.30 AM!!' No year.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged with minor burn mark to fore-edge. Reads: 'Dear Mr E Whittingham, | I fear I cannot be in St as usual tomorrow - I will endeavour to run down in the course of the day -'. The newspaper cutting of an obituary of 'The Late Mr. Charles Gilpin' is unattributed and undated. The portrait, apparently cut from the same newspaper, is 14 x 13 cm., and depicts the head and shoulders of 'The Late Mr. Charles Gilpin, M.P.', looking rather dazed.?>

[ International Arbitration Association, Bristol. ] Album containing material relating to the Association, assembled by honorary secretary E. T. Wedmore: announcements, notices, and cuttings from provincial newspapers.

West of England and South Wales International Arbitration Association, Bristol [ Edmund Tolson Wedmore (1847-1920), Quaker pacifist; Walter Sturge; Allen Greenwell; Rev. Henry Richard; Peace Society ]
Publication details: 
West of England and South Wales International Arbitration Association. 'Offices: 21 College Green, Bristol.'

Around 70 items laid down on 36pp. of an 8vo. exercise book with ruled grey-paper pages, in quarter-binding with marbled boards with green cloth spine. With around eight more items loosely inserted. In good condition, lightly aged and worn.

[ Printed pamphlet. ] The Winning Plans of the European Peace Awards | Offered in the British Empire, France, Italy, and Germany for "The best practical proposals for restoring peace and prosperity in each of those countries [...].

Edward A. Filene, foreword; Alice La Mazière, introductory note [ European Peace Awards; British Peace Award; Albert Mansbridge ]
Publication details: 
The European Peace Awards. 'Rouffe, Imp., Paris'. [ 1924. ] 'Additional copies of this pamphlet can be obtained for 1 sh. per copy, post free, on application to: Dr. Albert Mansbridge c/o British Peace Award, 13 John Street, Adelphi, London W.C.2.'

Full title: 'The Winning Plans of the European Peace Awards | Offered in the British Empire, France, Italy, and Germany for "The best practical proposals for restoring peace and prosperity in each of those countries through international co-operation"'. 180pp. Dimensions of pamphlet 19.5 x 9 cm. Three copies on COPAC: at Birmingham, the British Library, and Senate House. Nicely printed by Rouffe of Paris, with separate sections on the British, French, German and Italian Peace Awards, with an 'Annex' on the American Peace Award.

[ Printed First World War pamphlet on conscription. ] Snowden's Great Speech Against Compulsion. Chains of Slavery upon the Democracy.

[ Philip Snowden (1864-1937), 1st Viscount Snowden; The Labour Leader, London ]
Publication details: 
'Reprinted from The Labour Leader'. [1916]

2pp., 4to. Single leaf of newspaper stock. In fair condition, aged and worn. In small print, three columns to the page. Headline quote: '"The ablest onslaught upon the Bill that has been made in the House." - The Times.' At head of first page: 'Reprinted fr[om THE LABO]UR LEADER.' At foot of second page: 'READ THE LABOUR LEADER FOR ALL ANTI-CONSCRIPTION NEWS. EVERY THURSDAY. ONE PENNY.' Begins: 'In the House of Commons on Wednesday, January 12, Mr.

[Agatha Mary Harrison, women's rights reformer and friend of Mahatma Gandhi.] Eighteen Signed Letters (sixteen in Autograph) and one card to H. Herbert C. Arthur, regarding her work for the American YWCA on child labour in China. With other matter.

Agatha Mary Harrison (1885-1954), English Quaker women's rights reformer and close friend of Mahatma Gandhi [World YWCA; women's rights; industrial welfare; child labour; China; H. Herbert C. Arthur]
Publication details: 
London, Prague, Asbury Park, Bristol, Manchester. Between 1924 and 1928.

16 ALsS, 2 TLsS, 1 ACS. Also included are a draft of Arthur's first letter to Harrison (see Item Twenty below), a photograph of Harrison and Mary S. Sims (Item Twenty-three), and two papers on workers' rights in China (Items Twenty-one and Twenty-two). The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Ten of the nineteen items are in their envelopes, addressed to Arthur at 59 Howard Rd, New Malden, Surrey, with three sent from on board ship (SS Aquitania, SS Mauretania and SS Berengaria). The letters total 43pp. (see each letter for format).

[Printed handbill.] Military and Naval Forces. Married or Single. Conscripts or Volunteers | Which and Why?'

Publication details: 
'Printed for and Published by ARNOLD LUPTON, 7, Victoria Street, S.W.' 31 December 1915.

10pp., 12mo. Stapled and unbound as issued. Worn and stained, but with contents complete. Signed in type at end: 'ARNOLD LUPTON.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to A[aron] J[onah] Jacobs.

Philip James Stanhope, Baron Weardale [LEAGUE OF NATIONS]
Publication details: 
18 and 30 August 1916; both on crested letterhead "Weardale Manor, | Brasted Chart | Kent.'

British politician (1847-1923), member of House of Commons (1886-1892; 1893-1900), member of House of Lords after becoming Lord Weardale in 1905; president of two Interparliamentary Conferences (1890; 1906). These two items constitute a long and extremely interesting critique of Jacobs' 'Neutrality versus justice: an essay on international relations' (1917). LETTER ONE: nine pages, 12mo. Very good, on three bifoliate letterheads.

Typed Note Signed to A[aron]. J[onah]. Jacobs.

Sir Isidore Salmon [J. LYONS & CO.]
Publication details: 
5 October 1931; on letterhead '51, MOUNT STREET, W.1.'

Chairman and Managing Director of Lyons & Co. Ltd (1876-1941). One page, quarto. Very good. Docketed in pencil. Reads: 'Many thanks for sending me a copy of your book, World Peace and Armaments. I shall look forward with great interest to reading it.' Signed 'Isidore Salmon'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to [Aaron Jonah] Jacobs.

Sir Meyer Spielman
Publication details: 
Letter one: 23 December 1932 and 7 July 1935; both on embossed letterhead '29, CAMBRIDGE SQUARE, | W.2.'

British school inspector (1856-1936) and member of bodies dealing with child welfare and the after-care of children. Both one page, octavo, and both folded twice. LETTER ONE: creased and discoloured, with closed tear along one fold (not affecting text). He has 'carefully read with much interest' Jacobs' 'World peace and armaments', '& I congratulate your [sic] heartily upon the presentation of your views. | Before attempting to further your case, I should like to have a talk with you.' Suggests meeting at the Constitutional Club.

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