[ Eustace Miles, Olympic real tennis player, proposes a book on 'How to Breathe' to the publisher Grant Richards. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eustace Miles.') to Richards, also regarding 'the Roman History Reviews'.

Eustace Miles [ Eustace Hamilton Miles ] (1868-1948), English real tennis player who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics [ Grant Richards [ Franklin Thomas Grant Richards ] (1872-1948), publisher ]
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89 Norfolk Road, Littlehampton. 15 October 1901.

Miles published two books with Richards: 'The Teaching of Jesus To-Day' (1899) and 'A History of Rome to 500 a.d.' (1901), the latter having appeared shortly before the writing of the letter. The work proposed by Miles in this letter does not appear to have been published by Richard or anyone else. 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The letter begins: 'Dear Richards, | Would you be likely to publish a Vol. on | “How to Breathe” | in your “How-to” Series? There wd. Be plain-line illustrations. The Indian Yoga System wd.

Autograph Card Signed ('T Fisher Unwin') to Thursfield.

T. Fisher Unwin [Thomas Fisher Unwin] (1848-1935), London publisher [Sir James Richard Thursfield (1840-1923), naval historian]
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13 February 1895. Letterhead: 'Office of the "Century Magazine." From T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher, 11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.'

Dimensions of card roughly 7.5 x 12 cm. Ten lines. Cream card with letterhead, stamp and other matter printed in brown. Lightly aged but good. Addressed to 'J. R. Thursfield, Esq. | Fryth | Great Berkhamstead [sic]'. Letterhead and text of letter at right angles to the address on the other side. Informing Thursfield that Jusserand's 'Literary History of the English People' ('a copy of which you have received') will be published on 20 February 1895, 'and that notices may appear on or after that date'.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Wilson'.

George Ernest Manwaring
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18 November 1931; London Library, St. James's Square, S.W.1.

1 page, 8vo. Grubby but in good condition. 'In case you have not already seen it, I beg to enclose you a leaflet relating to my new book. | I shall be grateful for any help that you can give it.' Signed 'G. E. Manwaring'. The book was 'My Friend the Admiral. The life, letters, and journals of Rear-Admiral James Burney' (Routledge, 1931).

Autograph letter signed to an [W.H. Harrison, poet, editor of "Friendship's Offering", literary advisor to Ruskin]

Thomas Miller.:
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31 Elliott's Row, St George's Road, Southwark, 22 May 1837

Poet and novelist, basketmaker and bookseller (1807-1874). One page, 4to, one nick not affecting text, fold marks and signs of having been laid down, mainly good. He has made "few alterations in the Poem, which if you think an improvement, may be adopted. I am afraid that so much practise in writing prose is creeping into and tinging my poetry. I do not truly like this 'Desolate Hall' and yet I can do nothing better at present". He has had no review in the "Literary Gazette" as yet, and comments on the "mass of new books that every corner of the columns have been crowded . . . Mr.

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