SPECIAL LIST FOR Brewers, Wine Merchants, Aerated Water Trade, &c.' of firm making 'Carts, Wagons, Vans, Drays, &c. of all descriptions, also Dog-Carts, Phaetons, and other Carriages'.

The Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works Co. Ltd. [TRANSPORT]
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February 1895; 'HEMMONS, TYP., BRISTOL'.
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4 pages of advertisements. 2 leaves folio (roughly 12 inches by 18 inches). In extremely poor condition: grubby, creased and stained, with several closed tears and damage involving loss, particularly to the first leaf, the heading of which has been cut away, so that the name of the firm can only be deduced from the illustrations. There are 27 steel-engravings of various vehicles, of which 5 on the first leaf have been seriously damaged. Details, including prices, are given for each vehicle.