Eight Typed Letters, with cyclostyled signatures ('Arthur Pearson'), to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson [Sir Arthur Pearson] (1866-1921), founder of 'The Daily Express', President of the National Institute for the Blind and Fresh Air Fund
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October 1916 to June 1917; all on letterhead of the Blinded Soldiers' and Sailors' Hostel, St. Dunstan's, Regent's Park, N.W. [London].
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All eight items are 4to, 1 p, and good on lightly aged paper. Seven items bearing the Society's stamp and four docketed. The correspondence concerns a talk given by Pearson to the Society, 'on the subject of the training of the soldiers blinded in the War'. On 19 October 1916 Pearson writes: 'I am a little afraid that I cannot properly carry out the suggestion you so kindly make. I am quite blind, and therefore am unable to read a paper.' The 'preparation of a formal paper' would 'demand more time than I am able to spare at present. The rapidly increasing numbers of blinded men keep me more than busy, particularly as a good deal of work in regard to the general welfare of the blind community has to be added to my responsibilities concerning them.' Subsequent letters discuss the arrangements for the talk, given in May with 'Mr. Hayes Fisher' in the chair. In the final letter Pearson expresses his 'extreme appreciation of the honour which the Council of the Royal Society of Arts proposes to confer upon me, by presenting me with their Silver Medal.' He is 'indeed glad to know that the address which I gave was considered to be of such interest'.