[ Printed pamphlet on First World War military disability. ] Disabled Sailors and Soldiers. How they are being Re-built at the Nation's Cost.

Ministry of Pensions, London [ John Hodge (1855-1937), Labour politician, first Minister of Labour (1916-1917) and second Minister of Pensions (1917-1919); First World War; military disability ]
Publication details: 
'Ministry of Pensions - Official.' [ London ] Printed by 'D & S' in November 1917 ('11/17'). [ '(13715). Wt. 2275 - G 93, 200 m, 11/17. D & S. E 1256.' ]

16pp., 16mo. Stapled pamphlet. Aged and worn, with rusted staple. Inside the front cover are quotations from Hodge and his predecessor as Minister of Pensions G. N. Barnes. Initial note: 'The following pages contain a general and necessarily brief description of the system followed by the Pensions Ministry.

[Printed leaflet.] Helps and Hindrances of Deaf Children in Acquiring Speech and Language at the Natural Age.

Mary S. Garrett, Principal, Co-Founder and a Trustee of the Home for the Training in Speech of Deaf Children before they are of school age, Belmont and Monument Aves., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Publication details: 
Read before First International Congress in America on the Welfare of the Child. Washington, D.C., March 10 to 17, 1908.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition on aged and lightly-worn paper. With shelfmark, stamp and label of the Board of Education Library, London.

[Pamphlet.] Cripple Children's Training & Dinner Society. Report, 1903. [With two duplicated items loosely inserted: 'Rules for Helpers during Dinner Hour' and 'Form of Application for Free Dinner'.]

[Cripple Children's Training & Dinner Society.]
Publication details: 
Printed by H. Williams and Son, 222 Gray's Inn Rd., London, W.C. 1904. [Both duplicated items without date or place.]

12pp., 12mo. Stapled. In grey printed wraps. With stamp, shelfmark and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, otherwise in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Scarce: no copies in the British Library or on COPAC. Both duplicated items are 1p., 8vo, on a separate leaf, and both reproduce manuscript. Both are in good condition. The first, in portrait, is headed 'Cripple Schools' Dinners Sub-Committee. | Rules for Helpers during Dinner Hour. 12-1.30 p.m.' Listing eight rules, including: '5.

[Printed illustrated brochure.] The Camphill Village Trust. [With mimeographed typed appeal, on Trust letterhead.]

[The Camphill Village Trust Ltd, 'A Working Community for the Handicapped'; Ursula Gleed, Hon. Sec.; The Botton Hall Estate, Danby, Whitby, North East Yorkshire]
Publication details: 
Brochure issued by the Council of The Camphill Village Trust Limited, London. No date [1950s]. Appeal on Trust letterhead. Dated July 1955.

Brochure: 4pp., 4to. Bifolium, printed in green and brown on yellow paper. With four photographs of children. Fair, on lightly-worn paper, with vertical crease to second leaf. Requesting help for 'Houses Workshops Farms': 'Are they not human beings like us? | Do they not all have similar rights? | Do they not deserve to live a life filled with work, duty and pleasure?' Mimeographed typed appeal: 3pp., 4to. On two leaves of paper stapled together by a corner. Headed 'The Botton Hall Estate, Danby, Whitby, North East Yorkshire'.

Eight Typed Letters, with cyclostyled signatures ('Arthur Pearson'), to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson [Sir Arthur Pearson] (1866-1921), founder of 'The Daily Express', President of the National Institute for the Blind and Fresh Air Fund
Publication details: 
October 1916 to June 1917; all on letterhead of the Blinded Soldiers' and Sailors' Hostel, St. Dunstan's, Regent's Park, N.W. [London].

All eight items are 4to, 1 p, and good on lightly aged paper. Seven items bearing the Society's stamp and four docketed. The correspondence concerns a talk given by Pearson to the Society, 'on the subject of the training of the soldiers blinded in the War'. On 19 October 1916 Pearson writes: 'I am a little afraid that I cannot properly carry out the suggestion you so kindly make. I am quite blind, and therefore am unable to read a paper.' The 'preparation of a formal paper' would 'demand more time than I am able to spare at present.

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