Testimonials of Commander George Yeats Paterson, R.N. Late Senior Lieutenant of H.M. Training Ships "Illustrious" and "Britannia.["]

Commander George Yeats Paterson (fl. 1896)
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[1860, with manuscript emendations by Paterson in 1868] Printed by T. BRETTELL, Rupert Street, Haymarket, Westminster.
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4to: 6 pp. Unbound. Leaf dimensions 26 x 19.5 cm. A bifolium, with a third leaf attached. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. With a few manuscript emendations by Paterson. One page is taken up with a copy of a letter, originally dated from Brockhurst House, Gosport, Hants, 1st May, 1860.', but with a manuscript label reading 'Victoria Lodge | Osborn Road, Fareham | Hants | April 15th. 1868' laid down over the printed text. In the original printed text Paterson offers himself as 'a Candidate for the Appointment as GOVERNOR of H.M. PRISON at Bodmin', but the name of the prison is covered over with a manuscript slip reading 'Governor of the Gaol at Hull'. He describes his naval career, and refers to the testimonials on the accompanying pages. These consist of eleven letters: three (from Sir Thomas Cochrane, Sir George F. Seymour and Captain R. Harris, R.N.) over two pages under the heading 'TESTIMONIALS OF COMMANDER GEORGE YEATS PATERSON, R.N.; and eight (from Sir George Francis Seymour; Admiral Sir Charles Napier; Admiral John Alexander Duntze; Admiral John E. Walcott; Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Rear [emended to 'Vice']-Admiral Richard Laird Warren; Captain Sir William Saltonstall Wisesman and John Burrill) covering three pages under the heading 'COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. | GEORGE YEATS PATERSON.' A few minor emendations. From the Tonyn and Paterson family papers. Scarce: no copy in the British Library or on COPAC. Paterson was the author of 'The London Obelisk: a new translation of the hieroglyphic text' (London, 1884) and 'Observations on the earthquake of December 17th, 1896' (Malvern, 1897).