The first four numbers of 'The New Athenian Broadsheet'. No.1, 'Festival Issue - Scottish Poems of Place'. No.3: 'Spring and Summer Poems'. No.4: 'Scottish Lore and Legend'.

The New Athenian Broadsheet [The Favil Press; Lewis Spence; William Soutar; Sydney Goodsir Smith; George Campbell Hay; Edwin Muir; Naomi Mitchison; Maurice Lindsay; Scotland; Scottish poetry]
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No.1: August 1947; No.2: Christmas 1947; No.3: April 1948; No.4: July, 1948'. All printed for 'The Editor, The New Athenian Broadsheets, 45 Plewlands Gardens, Edinburgh, 10' by The Favil Press Ltd., 152 Kensington Church Street, London.
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All four items printed on both sides of a piece of paper roughly 57 x 25 cm, folded twice to make 6 pp, each 19 x 25 cm. Aged and a little grubby and creased. The second number with title printed in red, the third with title in green, and fourth with title in blue. Each with engraving of park with neo-classical buildings by William McLaren. No.1: poems by Lewis Spence, R. L. Cook, Joe Corrie, W. H. Hamilton, Alexander Buist, A. V. Stuart, Hugh N. Maclachlan, A. A. C. Blackie, Dorothy Margaret Paulin and Helen B. Cruikshank. No.2: poems by William Soutar, Alexander Buist, A. V. Stuart, Alexander Gray, W. S. Eldridge, Barbara Bingley, R. L. Cook, Sydney Goodsir Smith, Dorothy Parker and Douglas Young. No.3: poems by Jan Struther, A. V. Stuart, George Campbell Hay, Edwin Muir, Robert Milne, Alexander Buist, W. F. Young, R. L. Cook, Alexander Reid and Barbara Bingley. No.4: poems by Albert Mackie, A. V. Stuart, Naomi Mitchison, Margaret Cropper, Maurice Lindsay, Douglas Young, Wendy Wood, Alexander Buist and Marion Angus. Sixteen numbers appeared between 1947 and 1951. COPAC lists sets at the BL, NLS, NLW, Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.