[ Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse. ] Typescript of play 'Life with Father', with accompanying note to theatre historian W. Macqueen Pope from the agents Myron Selznick (London) Ltd.

Howard Lindsay (1889-1968) and Russel Crouse (1893-1966)
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Typescript without place or date. Note from Myron Selznick (London) Ltd dated 18 November 1943.

159pp., 4to. Typed in red and black. In good condition, on aged paper, in worn green card covers. TWO: Typed Note, signed by Enid Reynolds, 'Secretary to Mr. David Henley', sending the play to Macqueen-Pope. In good condition on aged paper. 1p., landscape 12mo. Lindsay and Crouse's 1939 adaptation of Clarence Day's book was the longest running non-musical Broadway play in history, spawning a film and television series.

Four documents concerning an application by Carolina Nairne [née Carolina Oliphant], Lady Nairne, to Chancellor of the Exchequer Thomas Spring Rice for an extension to her civil list pension, including accounts and statements of her financial affairs

Carolina Nairne [née Carolina Oliphant], Lady Nairne (1766-1845), Scottish songwriter and song collector [John Mackenzie Lindsay, WS; Thomas Spring Rice, 1st Baron Monteagle(1790-1866)]
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Two items dating from December 1837, one from 1838, and one undated [November 1837?].

Items Two to Four are in good condition, on aged paper; with Item One worn and creased, repaired with strips of white paper. Items Three and Four are attached to one another by a stub, and all four items show evidence of having been removed from a letterbook. Items One and Four are statements describing Lady Nairne's financial affairs, with Items Two and Three letters to Spring Rice and the Civil List committee on the matter, the first anonymous and the second by Lady Nairne's solicitor John Mackenzie Lindsay, Writer to the Signet.

[Printed prospectus, signed by author.] Lecture on the British Arctic Air-Route Expedition by Martin Lindsay. A Member of the Expedition and the Author of Those Greenland Days. [With photographs of author and of four arctic scenes.]

Sir Martin Lindsay [Sir Martin Alexander Lindsay] (1905-1981), explorer and Conservative politician [British Arctic Air Route Expedition, Greenland, 1930-1931; Augustine Courtauld (1904-1959)]
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'Printed by DRESSERS, Darlington.' Undated [1932].

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In black and white on shiny art paper. Lightly worn and aged, with 5 cm closed tears along central vertical fold lines of both leaves. The text, on the first page, begins: 'The Expedition consisted of fourteen men of an average age of 24, who left England in the summer of 1930 to study the flying conditions of Greenland for a short air-route across the Arctic regions to Canada.' It describes how 'Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Blanche Lindsay') from Lady Blanche Lindsay, poet and artist, wife of Sir Coutts Lindsay, founder of the Grosvenor Gallery, to 'Mr. Evans'.

Lady Blanche Lindsay [Lady Caroline Blanche Elizabeth Fitzroy Lindsay] (1844-1912), wife of Sir Coutts Lindsay, founder of the Grosvenor Gallery
Lady Blanche Lindsay
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4 April 1888; 4 Stratton Street, Piccadilly, London.
Lady Blanche Lindsay

12mo, 3 pp. On bifolium. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. She has 'finished the brown drawing of elves, & birds singing', and, as she is going into the country for a few days, will leave it, 'in a portfolio', at Stratton St. She asks him to 'kindly take care of it', as he has been 'good enough to do with the others. It is, as you know, a very careful & highly-finished drawing'. She asks him to have 'the delicacy of the lines reproduced, & the drawing of the limbs of the little elves, etc. very carefully & exactly rendered, otherwise the drawing wd.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Balcarres') to 'Everard'.

David Lindsay (1871-1940), politician and future 27th Earl of Crawford [Lindsay Library; Bibliotheca Lindesiana]
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16 October 1895; Haigh [Lancashire].

12mo: 3 pp. Bifoilum. Thirty-six lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with several pin holes, light spotting, and a 1 cm closed tear along a fold. A lighthearted epistle, beginning 'Dear Everard, Dear Everard | The Cistercians make an awful mistake in giving free meals. My Charity-organisation Society temperament rises in wrath: if they wd only apply the labour test for an hour or less - but free meals! I have watched the moral ravages of free meals and feel more strongly abt that kind of thing than about Home rule or Mediaeval Brases.

The first four numbers of 'The New Athenian Broadsheet'. No.1, 'Festival Issue - Scottish Poems of Place'. No.3: 'Spring and Summer Poems'. No.4: 'Scottish Lore and Legend'.

The New Athenian Broadsheet [The Favil Press; Lewis Spence; William Soutar; Sydney Goodsir Smith; George Campbell Hay; Edwin Muir; Naomi Mitchison; Maurice Lindsay; Scotland; Scottish poetry]
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No.1: August 1947; No.2: Christmas 1947; No.3: April 1948; No.4: July, 1948'. All printed for 'The Editor, The New Athenian Broadsheets, 45 Plewlands Gardens, Edinburgh, 10' by The Favil Press Ltd., 152 Kensington Church Street, London.

All four items printed on both sides of a piece of paper roughly 57 x 25 cm, folded twice to make 6 pp, each 19 x 25 cm. Aged and a little grubby and creased. The second number with title printed in red, the third with title in green, and fourth with title in blue. Each with engraving of park with neo-classical buildings by William McLaren. No.1: poems by Lewis Spence, R. L. Cook, Joe Corrie, W. H. Hamilton, Alexander Buist, A. V. Stuart, Hugh N. Maclachlan, A. A. C. Blackie, Dorothy Margaret Paulin and Helen B. Cruikshank. No.2: poems by William Soutar, Alexander Buist, A. V.

English Composition, in a Method entirely new, with various short Contrasted Examples, from Celebrated Writers, the whole adapted to Common Capacities, [...] To which are added, [...] a List of Select Books for English Readers with Remarks.

Rev. George Glyn Scraggs [Charles Whittingham; the Chiswick Press; Buckingham Boarding School for Young Gentlemen; Ralph Lindsay]
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London: Printed by C. Whittingham, Dean Street, Fetter Lane. For H. D. Symonds, Paternoster-Row, And may be had of Mr. Seeley, Bookseller in Buckingham. 1802.

12mo: xxxv + 177 pp + three pages of advertisements. Portrait frontispiece. Good, on aged paper. In remains of contemporary calf binding, rebacked with new spine label. Bookplate of Ralph Lindsay, with his signature, dated 15 July 1811, on title-page. Modern ownership inscription on reverse of frontispiece. The first advertisement is for 'Buckingham Boarding School for Young Gentlemen' ('The Rev. G. G. SCRAGGS takes Boarders at Eighteen Guineas per Annum, (Washing excluded) [...] Mr. SCRAGGS has been above 16 years engaged in teaching youth. [...]').

Typed Letter Signed to Sir Harry Lindsay, Chairman of the Council of thte Royal Society of Arts, together with unsigned carbon copy of letter to which it is replying.

Sir David Taylor Monteath [INDIA OFFICE]
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Letter: 11 March 1948, on letterhead of the 'Commonwealth Relations Office, | King Charles Street, | Whitehall, S.W.1.'; carbon copy: 9 March 1948, no place.

Monteath (1887-1961) was Under-Secretary of State for India and for Burma, 1941-7. Both items are lightly creased and dusty, but in good condition. CARBON COPY (one page, quarto): Lindsay writes that at the previous day's meeting of the R.S.A.

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