Autograph Prices Current (Published Annually.) Being a Complete Alphabetical and Chronological Record of all Autograph Letters, Documents & Manuscripts, Sold by Auction in London, with the Date and Place of Sale, Name of Purchaser, and Price [...].

Edward Hugh Courville (died 1920), A. J. Herbert, eds. A.G.E. Phillips, contrib. [Autograph Prices Current]
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Six vols [all published]: 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1921, 1922 [covering years 1914 to 1922]. First vol: London: E. H. Courville, 25 Rumsey Road, Brixton, S.W. [1916]. Sixth vol: London: A. J. Herbert, 1, Barton St., Westminster, S.W.1.[1922].

The six vols are uniformly octavo, in original blue cloth gilt. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In worn, spotted binding, with gilt on spine dulled. Each volume opens with several leaves of advertisements for dealers (ranging from Maggs and Quaritch to James Tregaskis and Frank Hollings) and a preface by the editor (that of 1918 describing as the 'outstanding features of the past season [...] the two sales of the Alfred Morrison Collection and the two 'Red Cross' sales'). Still a valuable reference tool, with many of the entries including a precis of the item or quotation from it.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Balcarres') to 'Everard'.

David Lindsay (1871-1940), politician and future 27th Earl of Crawford [Lindsay Library; Bibliotheca Lindesiana]
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16 October 1895; Haigh [Lancashire].

12mo: 3 pp. Bifoilum. Thirty-six lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with several pin holes, light spotting, and a 1 cm closed tear along a fold. A lighthearted epistle, beginning 'Dear Everard, Dear Everard | The Cistercians make an awful mistake in giving free meals. My Charity-organisation Society temperament rises in wrath: if they wd only apply the labour test for an hour or less - but free meals! I have watched the moral ravages of free meals and feel more strongly abt that kind of thing than about Home rule or Mediaeval Brases.

Autograph Letter Signed to [?] Slade (perhaps Frederic William Slade (1801-63), son of Sir John Slade).

Count Guglielmo Di Ludolf
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Gloucester Place | December 5th. 1831'.

Neapolitan Minister in London (died 1839). 2 pages, 16mo. In good condition, although creased and grubby. Crabbed handwriting. Formal letter, written in the third person. States that he received from Slade, in 1826, 'Two hundred and odd Pounds sterling as part of Prize money for the capture of in 1806, allowed to the Crews of Two Sicilian gallys the Vespa, the , and a gun Boat No. 12. who acted in conjunction with the British forces'. Complains that 'Mr. Slade did not send to C.

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