[ Fabrizio Ruffo, Prince of Castelcicala, Neapolitan ambassador to London. ] Autograph Signature ('Castelcicala').

Fabrizio Ruffo, Prince of Castelcicala [ Fabrizio Ruffo di Bagnara, principe di Castelcicala ] (1763-1832), Neapolitan ambassador to London
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Place and date not stated.

On 2 x 12 cm. strip of paper. In good condition, lightly aged. Cut from the end of a letter.

Delicate pen drawing of a carved inscription in Ancient Greek set into an outside wall with foliage, above a drinking fountain of a carved face and conch, depicting a feature of Villa Crawford. and presumably made by F. Marion Crawford himself.

F. Marion Crawford [Francis Marion Crawford] (1864-1909), American author [Villa Crawford (formerly Villa Renzi), Sant' Agnello di Sorrento, Italy]
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On letterhead of Villa Crawford, Sant' Agnello di Sorrento. [1890s?]

12, 1p. On bifolium. In black ink over pencil. Very good, on lighly-aged paper. Presumably a representation of the Roman wall fountain which could be seen when looking down from Crawford's bedroom at the Villa. The present item consists of a pen drawing, roughy 18 x 9 cm., covering the left hand side of a letterhead (the printed address being in the top right-hand corner). The drawing is detailed and attractive, in a late nineteenth-century style, showing a four-line inscription in Ancient Greek on a tablet set into the wall above the drinking fountain.

Autograph Letter Signed in Italian from the future cardinal Giovanni Soglia Ceroni to the 'Sig. Dotte. Galeati', regarding the 'Causa già agitata fra il Sacerde. Francesco Gardi di Lugo, il Sig. Antonio Fornioni, e la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola'.

Giovanni Soglia Ceroni (1779-1856), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal [Francesco Gardi di Lugo; Antonio Fornioni; la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola]
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Rome. 1 January 1817.

2pp., 4to. 29 lines, in a neat calligraphic hand. In good condition, on lightly-aged laid paper. The document is signed 'Giovanni Soglia' and begins: 'Dal Sig. Dotte. Galeati ho ricevuto il fatto informativo della Causa già agitata fra il Sacerde. Francesco Gardi di Lugo, il Sig. Antonio Fornioni, e la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola; qual causa, atttesa la difformità delle due sentenze già pronunciate, si vorrebbe portare al Tribunale della Sac.

Autograph Letter Signed to [?] Slade (perhaps Frederic William Slade (1801-63), son of Sir John Slade).

Count Guglielmo Di Ludolf
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Gloucester Place | December 5th. 1831'.

Neapolitan Minister in London (died 1839). 2 pages, 16mo. In good condition, although creased and grubby. Crabbed handwriting. Formal letter, written in the third person. States that he received from Slade, in 1826, 'Two hundred and odd Pounds sterling as part of Prize money for the capture of in 1806, allowed to the Crews of Two Sicilian gallys the Vespa, the , and a gun Boat No. 12. who acted in conjunction with the British forces'. Complains that 'Mr. Slade did not send to C.

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