[Pope Pius XII.] Printed ticket of admission ('Biglietto personale') to the 'Anticamera Pontificia', on the occasion of his pontifical mass and coronation, issued by Alberto Arborio-Mella di Sant'Ella, Maestro di Camera.

Pope Pius XII [Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli] (1876-1958), Roman Catholic pontiff [Alberto Arborio Mella di Sant'Elia (1880-1953), Maestro di Camera; Vatican City, Rome]
Publication details: 
Invitation dated 'Vaticano, 4 marzo 1939', for event on 12 March 1939. ['Tip. Vaticana. 6-3-1939']

A nice piece of papal ephemera, printed in blue on one side of 15 x 21 cm piece of blue wove paper, with large ornate watermark of 'SACRI PALAZZI APOSTOLICI', with triregnum and crossed keys. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. Numbered 7370, with following at head: 'Ingresso: Facciata della Basilica | (Cancello di destra N. 3)', and at foot 'Accesso: VIA DI PORTA ANGELICA'. At left-hand side: '12 | GRATIS'.

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