[Oxford University Labour Club: appeasers, trades unions and the Spanish Civil War, 1938.] Eight numbers of 'Oxford Forward', with articles by Raymond Postgate, Naomi Mitchison; John Strachey, Derek Tasker, Christopher Thornycroft, Philip Toynbee.

'Oxford Forward', journal of Oxford University Labour Club [Naomi Mitchison; Raymond Postgate; Michael Sheldon; Nigel Harvey; John Strachey; Derek Tasker; Christopher Thornycroft; Philip Toynbee]
Publication details: 
New Series 1-8. 'Published by The Editorial Board of Oxford Forward, St. Michael's Hall, Oxford, and printed by The Alden Press (Oxford) Ltd., Oxford.' Eight issues. 23 April 1938 to 11 June 1938. New Series, Nos. 1, 2, 21, 4, 22, 6, 7, 8.

'Oxford Forward' was the journal of the Labour Club in Oxford, which had 730 members in 1937. Eight sequential issues, with nos. 21 and 22 misnumbered for 3 and 5. [12 + 8 + 16 + 8 + 12 + 8 + 8 + 8 =] totalling 80pp., 4to. With illustrations and cartoons. In good condition, lightly aged, in green cloth binding lightly spotted with paint. Each number with the masthead in red, three issues also including the words 'Edition of University' in small print in the title. The front page of number 21 (7 May 1938) has 'ARMS FOR SPAIN' in large red letters at the foot.

[ Naomi Mitchison, Scottish author. ] Typed Letter Signed to 'Mrs. Magraw' [ children's author Beatrice Irene Magraw ], giving advice on how to approach the BBC with 'school broadcasts'.

Naomi Mitchison [ Naomi Mary Margaret Mitchison, Baroness Mitchison; née Haldane ] (1897-1999), Scottish author [ Beatrice Irene Magraw [ B. I. Magraw, born Beatrice Irene May ] (c.1888-1970), author]
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On letterhead of River Court, Hammersmith Mall, London W.6. 24 October 1938.

2pp., 4to. Forty-four lines of text. She thanks her 'for returning the plays, and thte nice things you say about them'. Mitchison's entry in the Oxford DNB has no reference to her working for the BBC, but from the context of the letter it is clear that she wrote scripts for radio broadcasts for children. Regarding the BBC she suggests that Magraw writes to 'Miss Edith MacQueen, and if I were you I think I should write out one or two synopses of broadcasts which you propose to do'.

Typed Note Signed from the novelist Naomi Mitchison to 'Miss Steele', asking her to forward a letter.

Naomi Mitchison [Naomi Mary Margaret Mitchison, née Haldane], Lady Mitchison (1897-1999), novelist and social activist [The Bournemouth Little Theatre Club, founded 1919]
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On letterhead of River Court, Hammersmith Mall, W6. 12 December 1932.

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. She writes that she is enclosing a letter, which she would like sent on 'to the Manager of the Bournemouth Little Theatre Club if you will, as I do not know the address'.

The first four numbers of 'The New Athenian Broadsheet'. No.1, 'Festival Issue - Scottish Poems of Place'. No.3: 'Spring and Summer Poems'. No.4: 'Scottish Lore and Legend'.

The New Athenian Broadsheet [The Favil Press; Lewis Spence; William Soutar; Sydney Goodsir Smith; George Campbell Hay; Edwin Muir; Naomi Mitchison; Maurice Lindsay; Scotland; Scottish poetry]
Publication details: 
No.1: August 1947; No.2: Christmas 1947; No.3: April 1948; No.4: July, 1948'. All printed for 'The Editor, The New Athenian Broadsheets, 45 Plewlands Gardens, Edinburgh, 10' by The Favil Press Ltd., 152 Kensington Church Street, London.

All four items printed on both sides of a piece of paper roughly 57 x 25 cm, folded twice to make 6 pp, each 19 x 25 cm. Aged and a little grubby and creased. The second number with title printed in red, the third with title in green, and fourth with title in blue. Each with engraving of park with neo-classical buildings by William McLaren. No.1: poems by Lewis Spence, R. L. Cook, Joe Corrie, W. H. Hamilton, Alexander Buist, A. V. Stuart, Hugh N. Maclachlan, A. A. C. Blackie, Dorothy Margaret Paulin and Helen B. Cruikshank. No.2: poems by William Soutar, Alexander Buist, A. V.

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