[ Canon Barnett, social reformer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Saml. A. Barnett')

Samuel Augustus Barnett [ Canon Barnett ] (1844-1913), Vicar of St Jude's Whitechapel, Anglican cleric and social reformer associated with the Toynbee Hall university settlement
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On letterhead of St. John's Vicarage, Commercial Street, Whitechapel, E. [ London ] 22 April 1885.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Barnett and his wife will be 'up at Oxford on Saturday, May 2nd' and he gives their itinerary: 'We shall be Engaged on the Evening of Saturday: & on Sunday I preach in Balliol Chapel: & attend a meeting in Balliol Hall in the Evening.' If Wells could 'slip a meeting in, at any time, which would leave these times free', Barnett would be 'very glad to come to it'.

[Paget Toynbee, English Dante scholar.] Three Autograph Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed to fellow Dantist Herbert Macartney Beatty, topics including English translators of Dante (Musgrave and Ellaby), and the tomb of Henry Francis Cary.

Paget Toynbee [Paget Jackson Toynbee] (1855-1932), English Dante scholar and editor of Horace Walpole, whose Fiveways library was bequeathed to the Bodleian [Herbert Macartney Beatty; George Musgrave]
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All from Fiveways, Burnham Bucks (the last on embossed letterhead). 1911 (2), 1912 (2) and 1914.

Toynbee was, as his entry in the Oxford DNB notes, 'recognized by his contemporaries as one of the great English Dantists, and a "giant of scholarship" (Oxford Magazine, 723)'. All five items in very good condition, lightly-aged. The three letters on bifoliums, and all five items in Toynbee's neat, close hand. Items One to Four with mourning borders (for his wife, who had died in 1910). ONE: ACS. 30 January 1911. He thanks him for sending 'the Gibbon reference', which he had overlooked, and discusses his 'Chronological List of English Translations from Dante'. TWO: ACS. 13 February 1911.

[Thomas Edmund Harvey, Warden of Toynbee Hall.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'T. Edmund Harvey') to 'Mr. Aldrich' [Stephen John Aldrich], with whom he had worked at the British Museum.

Thomas Edmund Harvey (1875-1955), Liberal politician, pacifist and Warden of Toynbee Hall, 1906-1911 [Stephen John Aldrich of the British Museum]
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First letter on letterhead of House of Commons Library; 8 November 1907. Second letter on letterhead of Rydal House, Grosvenor Road, Leeds; 3 January 1927.

Both items in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Letter One: 4pp., 12mo. Harvey begins: 'Of course I well remember the too short time when I had the pleasure of being your colleague at the British Museum.' He would like to see Aldrich's 'old Dutch masters' but may not be able to visit him at Bowes Park before 'returning to reconstruction work in France in which I am interested'. He suggests a meeting in the new year, before enquiring whether Aldrich has 'got Sir Sidney Colvin's opinion of your Old masters. He is very interested in these things.' Letter Two: 2pp., 4to.

Typed Letter Signed to Professor R[ichard]. H[enry]. Tawney.

Maurice Parmelee
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4 October 1948; 'Hull House | 800 S. Halsted St. | Chicago 7, Ill.'

Eminent American sociologist and economist (1882-1969) and nudist. The recipient (1880-1962) was an equally eminent English economic historian, social critic and reformer. Two pages, quarto. On discoloured, sunned paper.

Twelve Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, [Secretary,] Royal Society of Arts.

Sir William James Ashley
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5 August 1913 to 9 September 1916; mainly on '3, YATELEY ROAD, | EDGBASTON' and University of Birmingham letterheads.

British economic historian (1860-1927), a disciple of Arnold Toynbee, and proponent of the historical method pioneered in Germany by such scholars as Roscher, Hildebrand and Knies. The manuscript items are all 12mo, the typed item quarto. All twelve docketed and bearing the Society's stamp, and signed 'W. T. Ashley'. The collection is in very good condition, though grubby in parts and with one or two creased corners. An interesting and characteristic correspondence. ITEM ONE (3 pages, 12mo, 5 August 1913): Declines proposal to act as examiner.

Autograph Letters Signed, quantity.

Samuel A. Barnett
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Founder of Toynbee Hall (1844-1913). 4 ALSs, 2pp. ea., 8vo,good, three to C.H. Grinling, socialist, , the fourth to “Trevelyan”. He describes a model of a curate, invites Grinling to a retreat of sorts,discusses a conversation he had had with Ramsay Macdonald on booksand workmen and how Macdonald wants to discuss the matter withothers.

2 Autograph Letters Signed, total 10pp., 8vo, to C.H. Grinling, socialist and reformer

Bolton King
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14 Dec. 1886 and 24 Dec. (n.y.)

Social reformer and historian, educationalist (1860-1937). (1886). He brings Grinling up to date on his activities, educational and political, giving his views on clerical reform. (n.y.) He describes his life in country retirement. With: newspaper clipping, "Times" obituary. 3 items,

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