Two printed leaflets, lithographically printed and designed in a 'Wardour Street English' mock-antiquarian style. The first describing 'Ye Order of ye Revells' at 'Lockinge Mannor [sic][ | Wantage', the second an invitation with red wax seal.

Brigadier General Robert James Loyd-Lindsay, 1st Baron Wantage [ Lord Wantage ] (1832-1901) [ C. R. Iles, lithographic printer, Cheltenham ]
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Both leaflets relating to 'Revells' at Lockinge Manor, Wantage, 26 and 27 August 1885. One printed by C. R. Iles, Chelt. [i.e. Cheltenham ]'
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Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Headed: 'Rite Welcome be ye alle. | Lockinge Mannor | Wantage | Ye Order of ye Revells. | To be holden by grace of mye Lord & Ladye Wantage of Lockynge on ye XXVI 8 XXVII daies of August | MDCCCLXXXV.' Printed on one side of a 47.5 x 20.5 cm. piece of laid paper. Printer's slug at bottom left: 'C. R. ILES, CHELT.' With coat of arms and initial at head. The document itself, comprising 28 lines in 'Wardour Street' imitation of a mediaeval manuscript, begins 'M ye Ladye of Lockynge wyl welcome hyr guests on ye middle sward & yey wyl yere bee refressed. Ye Royal Profgress f ye Sumer Quene shall depart from ye Mannor House at iii of ye clocke & shal jovrney down ye Parke, mye Lord & Ladye & yeir court a-following ye same.' TWO: Printed invitation, completed in manuscript for 'Sir George & Lady Russell and Party'. 1p., 8vo. With facsimile signatures of 'R Loyd Lindsay' and 'H S Loyd Lindsay', beside an armorial seal in red wax. The Invitation follows a similar design to Item One, and includes a circular illustration of two knights jousting. 'An itt please ye to repaire to or faire mannor […] to witness ye ffestival of ye Sumer Quene: and a jovst, & diuers auncient pastymes & merrie disportes'. Scarce: no other copies traced.