[Vellum indenture.] Grant of the Custody of the person and management of the real and personal Estate of Maria Anna Zachary Spinster a Lunatic unto Charles Claridge Gentleman'.

[Maria Anna Zachary; Shepherd]
Grant of the Custody of the person and management of a Lunatic
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27 September 1838.
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Striking vellum document, 60 x 75 cm. Docketed on reverse. 32 lines of text, ruled with red lines, with ornate engraved decorative border along three sides, headed in large letters 'Victoria by the Grace of God', and depicting the young Queen, the royal crest, a crown held by a cherub, blind justice, and other images. Tax stamp in margin and frayed ribbon at foot. On 9 September [V Geo. IV] 'a certain Inquisition' was 'taken at the House of Richard Woor commonly called or known by the name of the Red Lion Inn situate at Much Hadham in the County of Hertford [...] to inquire amongst other things of the lunacy of Maria Anna Zachary formerly of Strand on the Green in the County of Middlesex but now confined in the Lunatic Establishment at Much Hadham aforesaid Spinster'. The inquisition having found that Zachary 'is a Lunatic and does not enjoy lucid intervals so that she is not sufficient for the government of herself and her estate', securities have been given by 'Charles Claridge of No. 1 Prospect Cottages Barnsbury Park Islington in the County of Middlesex Gentleman John Thomas Bell of Fresh Wharf Lower Thames Street in the City of London Warehouseman and John Ramshaw of Marlborough Place Walworth in the County of Surrey Gentleman', and Zachary has been committed into Claridge's custody. The name 'Shepherd' (engrossing clerk?) at foot.