[Sir Arthur John Evans, archaeologist, discoverer of the Palace of Knossos.] Autograph Card Signed ('Arthur J. Evans') to Rev. W. D. Bushell of Harrow School

Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-1941), archaeologist who discovered the Palace of Knossos on Crete, Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford [Rev. William Done Bushell (1838-1917) of Harrow School]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Youlbury, Berks, near Oxford. 20 July [no year].

Written on both sides of a 9 x 11.5 cm card, with printed letterhead and mourning border. In fair condition, with minor damage from mount at head of first page. He begins by expressing his delight at the prospect of seeing Bushell's wife, whom he hopes will be able to 'come with you'. He has 'become very much estranged from Harrow' and will be glad to see Bushell, although he fears 'it may be somewhat in a crowd'. In a postscript he states that he is enclosing an invitation to a 'Garden Party', asking Bushell to bring his wife '& lunch with the Institute Party'.

[ George Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe. ] Two Typed Letters Signed (both 'George Jellicoe') to military historian Barrie Pitt, regarding his 'escape from Leros' in the aftermath of the Dodecanese Campaign during the Second World War.

George Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe (1918-2007), 2nd Earl Jellicoe [ Barrie Pitt (1918-2006), military historian ]
Publication details: 
Both on his letterhead, 30 Gresham Street, London. 21 July and 24 November 1983.

Both items 1p., 4to. Both in good condition, with light signs of age. ONE: 21 July 1983. A previous letter appears to have been lost, and he is 'dictating this in the country'. He begins his account: 'As far as the surrender at Leros is concerned my memory of the early events that evening is rather vague. It is very probable that I worked my way through to Brigade Headquarters with a small party consisting of Sgt. Workman, Cpl. Dryden and L/Cpl. Allen. However it would have been quite impossible to have got there by jeep as the trip involved more or less crossing the German positions.

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