[British Army in India (a supplies scandal?)] Eight highly-finished, capable caricatures by 'C', involving a Raj (army supplies?) scandal, 'Bilk', 'Jemadar Amwalla and the Old Atasi Troupe', 'Mahomed Arif & Co', 'the G. C. M.', and the Madras Times.

'C'. [British Army in the Raj, 1913; British India; Cannanore [Kannur], Kerala; Mahomed Arif & Co.; Jemadar Amwalla ]
Publication details: 
Two dated from Cannanore [Kannur, Kerala, India], one to December 1913 and the other simply to 1913.

Eight witty and attractive caricatures, in a sub-Punch style. All eight in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Each in black ink on a separate piece of paper, five of them 33.5 x 21.5 cm, and three of them 21 x 17 cm. The context of the caricatures is at present obscure, but would undoubtedly make itself clear with specialist research. The five largest illustrations are: ONE: Caption: 'Please to remember | The twenty-seventh of November | The "Bilk-Powder" treason and plot'.

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