[Sir Francis Baring and H. L. Wickham.] Printed transcript of letter from Baring to Wickham, as Chairman of a 'Committee of Secrecy', inquiring into 'the recent Commercial distress', with a Wickham letter to the Bank of Scotland, signed by him.

Sir Francis Baring [Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook] (1796-1866), Whig politician; Henry Lewis Wickham, Chairman of the Board of Stamps & Taxes; The Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
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Baring's Letter: Stratton, 28 December 1847. Wickham's Letter: Stamps & Taxes, London, 3 January 1848.

Both items are uniform in appearance, each 3pp., foolscap 8vo, with the texts printed in copperplate from engraved plates. Both in fair condition, on aged paper, and with loss along the spine where the two have been disbound. The reason for the printing of the two documents, as is clear from the text, is for their circulation to various banks. Baring's Letter: Facsimile signature reads '(signed) F. T. Baring', and is uniform with the copperplate text. The reason for the printing of the letter is for copies to be enclosed with Wickham's.

Anonymous printed petition to one of the Houses of Parliament.

Sir Robert Peel [restoration of the Gold Standard, 1821]
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Without date or place.

4 pages, 8vo. Pagination: [1] 2-3 [4]. A frail survival: paper grubby, discoloured and dogeared, with a few closed tears and some fraying to extremities, but the text clear and legible. A space at the beginning of the document for the insertion of the petitioner's name in manuscript has been left blank. Begins: 'The Petition of and all other Owners of Land subject to Mortgages, and other pecuniary payments charged on it before its depreciation in consequence of the return to the present Gold Currency, by which the value of every denomination of Money is so much increased'.

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