Sir Francis Baring (latterly Lord Northbrook).] Autograph Signature ('Frans Baring') as frank of letter by the classical scholar Edmund Henry Barker, with fragment of Barker's letter with his damaged signature.

Francis Baring [Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook; Sir Francis Baring; Lord Northbrook] (1796-1866), Whig politician [Edmund Henry Barker (1788-1839) of Thetford, classical scholar]
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Thetford. 10 December 1834.

On 6 x 9.5 cm slip of paper, cut from the letter. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. On one side, with part of the franking postmark in red ink, Baring has addressed the letter in the customary fashion: 'Thetford December ten 1834 – | F. T. Maxon Esqr | 6 Little Friday St | Cheapside | London – | Frans Baring'. (The recipient is the solicitor Frederick Thomas Maxon.) The reverse of the slip carries part of the conclusion of the letter, with the top half of Barker's signature.

[ John Bensley Thornhill, East India Company director. ] Autograph Signature ('J Thornhill'), with others, on copy of 'Receipt for Paper deposited'.

John Bensley Thornhill (1773-1841), East India Company director and subject of a painting by George Romney
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Fort St George [ Madras (now Chennai), India ]. 18 August 1830.

1p., 4to. Printed form, reading (with manuscript text in square brackets): '[Duplicate] | No. 2. | Receipt for Paper deposited. | Received of [J. MacGregor Mallock Esqre] | the undermentioned Public Securit[y] to be kept under our charge, upon the terms of the Advertisement published in the Calcutta Gazette, of the 31st December 1810.' The details of the security ('Sicca Rupees Six thousand') are then given, and beneath these the dating and signatures of Thornhill and another party. In manuscript on reverse: 'Pay over to Mr Wm.

[John Williamson of Tynron Cottage, Thornhill, Scotland.] Autograph Letter Signed to Edinburgh lawyer David Williamson, regarding his immediate voyage to St Kitts in the West Indies, ship called the "Nevis Planter', with six gallons of Scotch whisky.

John Williamson (b.1750) of Tynron Cottage, Thornhill, Scotland [David Williamson (d.1837), Lord Balgray, of Lawers, Perthshire, Lord of Session; Scotch whisky; St Kitts and Nevis, West Indies]
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Tynron Cottage [Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland]. 4 January 1801.

1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with red ink postmark and broken black wax seal, to 'David Williamson Esqr | Advocate | George's Square | Edinh'. There is no indication in the letter that the two men are kinsmen. 'My Dear Sir, | I am happy to inform you that the ship called the Nevis Planter sails from Liverpool for St. Kitts on the 12th. Inst - with your approbation, I propose sailing with her - | Mr.

[Sir Francis Baring and H. L. Wickham.] Printed transcript of letter from Baring to Wickham, as Chairman of a 'Committee of Secrecy', inquiring into 'the recent Commercial distress', with a Wickham letter to the Bank of Scotland, signed by him.

Sir Francis Baring [Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook] (1796-1866), Whig politician; Henry Lewis Wickham, Chairman of the Board of Stamps & Taxes; The Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
Publication details: 
Baring's Letter: Stratton, 28 December 1847. Wickham's Letter: Stamps & Taxes, London, 3 January 1848.

Both items are uniform in appearance, each 3pp., foolscap 8vo, with the texts printed in copperplate from engraved plates. Both in fair condition, on aged paper, and with loss along the spine where the two have been disbound. The reason for the printing of the two documents, as is clear from the text, is for their circulation to various banks. Baring's Letter: Facsimile signature reads '(signed) F. T. Baring', and is uniform with the copperplate text. The reason for the printing of the letter is for copies to be enclosed with Wickham's.

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