[Thomas George Baring, 1st Earl of Northbrook.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Northbrook'), requesting copies of two speeches by the Duke of Argyll.

Thomas George Baring (1826-1904), 1st Earl of Northbrook, Liberal politician and Viceroy of India, 1872-1876
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On letterhead of Fallodon, Chathill, Northumberland. 16 October 1876.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Writing to an unnamed correspondent, he asks to be sent ('Raby Castle | Darlington') 'a copy of the D of Argyll's speech in Septr. last, & of his speech upon the Cretan insurrection in 1867'. He is enclosing '19s in stamps'.

[Sir Francis Baring and H. L. Wickham.] Printed transcript of letter from Baring to Wickham, as Chairman of a 'Committee of Secrecy', inquiring into 'the recent Commercial distress', with a Wickham letter to the Bank of Scotland, signed by him.

Sir Francis Baring [Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook] (1796-1866), Whig politician; Henry Lewis Wickham, Chairman of the Board of Stamps & Taxes; The Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
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Baring's Letter: Stratton, 28 December 1847. Wickham's Letter: Stamps & Taxes, London, 3 January 1848.

Both items are uniform in appearance, each 3pp., foolscap 8vo, with the texts printed in copperplate from engraved plates. Both in fair condition, on aged paper, and with loss along the spine where the two have been disbound. The reason for the printing of the two documents, as is clear from the text, is for their circulation to various banks. Baring's Letter: Facsimile signature reads '(signed) F. T. Baring', and is uniform with the copperplate text. The reason for the printing of the letter is for copies to be enclosed with Wickham's.

Autograph draft by Thomas George Baring, 1st Earl Northbrook, of a speech delivered by him, as First Lord of the Admiralty at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Guildhall, 1883.

Thomas George Baring (1826-1904), 1st Earl of Northbrook, Liberal politician; Viceroy of India, 1872-1876; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1880-1885
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On embossed Admiralty letterhead. [1883.]

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In pencil. Lightly-aged and worn. In pencil, with deletions and emendations. Docketed in another hand on reverse of second leaf: 'MS. speech delivered at Guildhall Banquet by Lord Northbrook, First Lord of Admiralty - 9th Novr. 1883.' And with the following in the second hand at the head of the first page: 'Lord Northbrook's Speech - Nov. 9. 1883 at Guildhall'. A very short speech, well reported in The Times of 10 November 1883.

Autograph Note Signed to unnamed noble male correspondent ('My dear Lord').

Sir Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook
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14 September 1857; no place.

Politician (1796-1866) and scion of the notable banking house. 1 page, 16mo. In good condition, but with the ink of one word smudged. Handwriting of extremely difficult decipherment: 'I <?> the <?> notwithstanding the <?> all this bird in the Bush - | Every yrs sincly | F T Baring'.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

Francis Thornhill Baring, first Baron Northbrook
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16 February 1844, Stratton Park.

British politician (1796-1866), scion of the noted banking house. 2 pages, 16mo. Grubby but in good condition overall. Docketed in pencil at head of first page. 'Sir / I have the honor to acknowledge the received [sic] of your letter of the 30 Jany - Should the Director of the City of London General Pension Society be of opinion that my name as one of the Stewards at at [sic] the anniversary Festival on ye 1st. May will be of any service to the Institution they are at liberty to make use of it.' Signed 'Tho Baring'.

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