[ A Bank of England senior cashier's personal accounts, 1824 to 1847. ] Substantial Autograph Volume of the personal and family accounts of Josiah Field, nonconformist from Dalston, containing a wealth of detail in itemised entries, with memoranda.

Josiah Field (d.1850) of Dalston, cashier in the Bank of England [ Dr Henry Forster Burder (1783-1864) of Hackney, Congregational minister; Rev. John Sandys of Islington; Balls Pond Church ]
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Dalston, London. Entries dating from between 2 January 1824 and 29 November 1847.

As might be expected from a senior cashier at the Bank of England (a nightly superintendent 'authorized to sign Bank of England Notes'), the personal and family accounts of Josiah Field of Dalston, covering a period of 25 years, are kept with minute accuracy, containing a wealth of detailed information regarding the various aspects of the expenditure of his family, from his daughters' pocket money and education (both girls at the Polytechnic Institution), to his home brewing.

[Printed booklet.] Catalogue of the Books in the Library of the Bristol Naturalists' Society. [With replacement coloured chart 'to accompany Dr. Burder's Paper on Storms'.]

[Bristol Naturalists' Society, Clifton; William Corbett Burder]
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May, 1881. Clifton: Printed by E. Austin & Son, Chronicle Office. 1881.

[1] + 24pp., 8vo. Stitched. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-spotted paper, with slight wear to edges of covers. A notice at the front reads: 'The Name following the title of a Book is that of the Donor. Where no Name is given, the Book has been obtained by purchase or by exchange.' The first two entries read: 'Ainsworth, William. Account of the Caves of Ballybunian. 1834. Henry Harris. | Airy's Lectures on Astronomy. 1849. F. F. Tuckett.' Loosely inserted are the replacement chart and a slip of paper carrying the note: 'BRISTOL NATURALISTS' SOCIETY.

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