[ Sir Fleetwood Dormer of Lee Grange, in Quainton, Bucks. ] Autograph Signature ('Fleetwood Dormer'), 'for Sr. John Busby', to Excise receipt.

Sir Fleetwood Dormer (1658-1723) of Lee Grange, in Quainton, Buckinghamshire [ Sir John Busby (1630-1700) of Addington ]
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'His Majesties Hereditary Revenue of Excise', Tally-Court. [ Court of Excise, London. ] 12 March 1681.

1p., 12mo. On aged paper, with particular wear to one corner. Laid out in the usual style, with printed text completed in manuscript. Begins (with manuscript text in square brackets): '[12th. March 1681] | Received of the Officers of the Tally-Court, one Tally levied on His Majesties Hereditary Revenue of Excise, containing the Sum of [three pounds] due unto me for one Quarter of a Year ended at [Michas 1682] [...]'. Signed at the foot: 'Fleetwood Dormer | for Sr. John Busby'. Busby married Mary Dormer, a kinswoman of Fleetwood Dormer of Lee Grange.

Menu card for 'Dinner at the White Horse Hotel, June 16th. 1896' by the 'Banbury Bowling Green Club (The Chestnuts)', attractively printed in colours by Cheney & Sons, Banbury.

[H. Busby, Proprietor, Banbury Bowling Green Club (The Chestnuts); Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
Publication details: 
Banbury Bowling Green Club (The Chestnuts). 'Cheney, Banbury' [Cheney & Sons, printers] 1896.

11 x 7.5 cm. bifolium, with outer covers on shiny paper and inside matte. The cover printed in brown ink in fancy type within an attractive decorative border of gold and light-green. In very good condition. Cover reads: 'Banbury | Bowling Green Club | (The Chestnuts). | Dinner | at the | White Horse Hotel, | June 16th. 1896. | H. Busby, | Proprietor.' With 'Cheney, Banbury' in small type in bottom left-hand corner. Inside, the five-course menu commences with a choice of 'SALMON. CUCUMBER.' or 'FRIED SOLES.

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