[ Jean-Jacques Germain Pelet-Clozeau, French soldier and statesman. ] Three documents (all signed 'Gl Pelet'), one in autograph and the other two secretarial

Jean-Jacques Germain Pelet-Clozeau (1777-1858), distinguished French soldier and statesman
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The two secretarial documents from Paris, one in 1852 and the other in 1858. The autograph letter without date or place.

The three documents all in good condition, on lightly aged paper. ONE: Secretarial Letter to 'Monsieur le Rédacteur' (of the 'Journal de l'Empire'), Paris, 16 December 1852. 1p., 12mo. Requesting the rectification of the mistake of giving the name of 'Général Petit' instead of his own in the list of 'les Généraux qui ont assisté hier à la cérémonie Funèbre des invalides'. TWO: Secretarial Letter to 'Monsieur le Directeur et cher Collègue'. Paris, 26 July 1858. 1p., 4to. A letter of recommendation for 'Alfred Fassier, élève de la classe de M.

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