[La Algaba Filtering Station (1926-1980), designed by Charles Arthur Friend, chief engineer of The Seville Water Works Company, Spain.] 144 original photographs taken during construction, mainly emphasizing the technical and engineering aspects.

[La Algaba Filtering Station (1926-1980), designed by Charles Arthur Friend (d.1930), chief engineer of The Seville Water Works Company, Spain; Spanish irrigation]
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[The Seville Water Works Company, Spain.] Dated between 1924 and 1926.

144 original black and white photographs, uniformly 6 x 11cm. In excellent condition, in two matching photo albums of worn green cloth, one containing 89 and the other 55 images. Some of the photographs have pencil captions on the mount, giving a date and a number. Loosely inserted is a 3.5 x 8.5cm contact sheet, showing four and a half frames from a film of two men examining a chart.

Manuscript document, in French, headed 'Etat des Presses hydrauliques vendues par Chapelle, mécanicien, depuis le premier Janvier 1827, jusqu'au 1er. Septembre 1827'.

Chapelle, mécanicien' [Louis François Xavier Joseph Crespel [Crespel-Delisse] (1789-1865), French sugar refiner; refinery; engineer engineering; Paris)
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Circa 1827.

On one side of a piece of watermarked laid paper, roughly 33 x 22 cm. Aged and with chipping, wear and creasing to extremities. Text clear and entire. Entries on nineteen presses sold to ten individuals (Gerard, Didier, Dabaret, Morel, Foubert, J. Butini, G. Estsienne, Jourdain, Crespel-Delisse and Durand), giving the nature of their work (e.g. 'fabr. de Vermicelle à Troyes' and 'fabr. de bougie diaphane'), and the use to which the presses are put (e.g. '1 presse horizontale pr blanc de baleine'). Gives the ' of each individual. A few pencil additions in a contemporary hand (e.g.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to G[eorge]. K[enneth]. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir John Benton
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Both letters 14 January 1918; Westeroft, Liverdale Road, Eastbourne.

Scottish hydraulic engineer (1950-1927), of the India Public Works Department; Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government, Punjab Irrigation Branch. Both letters 12mo. Both very good, docketed and bearing the Society's stamp. LETTER ONE (two pages): Benton and a friend will make use of the two cards of invitation to A. Newland's paper on 'Water Power in Great Britain'.

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