Autograph Letter Signed ('R Seeley') to his business partner Service.

Richmond Seeley, son of and successor to Robert Benton Seeley (1798-1886), London publisher [F. Stanley Service; Seeley, Service & Co.; 'Clive Holland' [Charles James Hankinson] (1866-1959)]
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5 February 1908; Holmbury, Epsom.

12mo, 3 pp. Bifolium with mourning border. Good: lightly aged and with a slight bloom at the foot. Text clear and complete. Written to a business partner, and providing an insight into the everyday workings of the Edwardian book trade. The beginning of the letter appears to be a response to suggestions by Service of authors to write a book on Holland. Begins 'Dear Mr. Service, | We cannot employ Clive Holland again until he has at least put his "Egypt" into a shape in which we can venture to reprint it.

Autograph Letter Signed ('R Seeley') to [John Lucas] Tupper.

Robert Benton Seeley (1798-1886; DNB), English publisher and author
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3 July 1871; 54 Fleet Street [London].

12mo: 2 pp. Very good. Relates to the photographic series 'English Artists of the present day', published by Seeley with accompanying essays 'by J. B. Atkinson, S. Colvin, F. G. Stephens, T. Taylor, and J. L. Tupper'. He is sending 'a copy of No. 3. The other we count as a presentation copy.' 'The Woolner photo. will I hope not be thought so bad by those who have not seen Elliott & Fry's. I was glad to find this morning that it had not struck Mr.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to G[eorge]. K[enneth]. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir John Benton
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Both letters 14 January 1918; Westeroft, Liverdale Road, Eastbourne.

Scottish hydraulic engineer (1950-1927), of the India Public Works Department; Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government, Punjab Irrigation Branch. Both letters 12mo. Both very good, docketed and bearing the Society's stamp. LETTER ONE (two pages): Benton and a friend will make use of the two cards of invitation to A. Newland's paper on 'Water Power in Great Britain'.

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