Typed transcripts of a number of First World War documents, including copies of Sir John French's despatches on the Retreat from Mons, and the Battles of the Marne and of Aisne, as well as communications from French, Joffre and Sir Edward Grey.

[Transcripts of First World War documents by Sir John French, Sir Edward Grey, General Joseph Joffre and others]
Publication details: 
Undated. The original documents dating from between 28 July 1914 and 2 January 1915.

Folio, 38 pp; and 4to, 22 pp. Trade source stated that this material was found in a file marked War Office, suggesting official file copies. All documents clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. All foreign documents translated into English. The main documents are Sir John French's Despatch on the Retreat from Mons, 7 September 1914 (folio, 10 pp); French's Despatch on the Battle of the Marne, 17 September 1914 (folio, 5 pp); French's Despatch on the Battle of the Aisne, 8 October 1914 (folio, 12 pp); Joffre's General Instruction No. 1, 8 August [1914] (folio, 4 pp).

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