[ Stradivarius violin of G. H. L. Parsons of Streatham. ] Insurance documents and correspondence relating to the loan of the wartime instrument to violinist Mary Law [ Mrs. H. S. Kingdon ].

Stradivarius violin of George Henry Lewis Parsons (d.1921) of Streatham Park [ Mary Law [ Mary Law Kingdon ] (1889-1919), English violinist, wife of Hugh Sewell Kingdon (d.1940); Antonio Stradivari ]
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London and Streatham, Surrey. Between 1910 and 1920.

The owner of the violin in question, G. H. L. Parsons, had made his fortune with the firm Ashton & Parsons, wholesale chemists, also having an interest in the opticians Dollonds, and on his death was worth £127, 335 19s 8d. The woman to whom he lent the violin, Mary Law, made a number of recordings for Zonophone, and toured Australia in 1915, with the Melbourne Argus reporting the arrival of 'The Notable English Violinist.

Signed Autograph legal opinion of Sir Alexander Cockburn ('A. E. Cockburn'), regarding an action between H. D. Kingdon and a 'Mr. Newman' in 1841.

Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1802-1880), Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench and Liberal Solicitor-General (1850) and Attorney General (1851-1852) [H. D. Kingdon, author]
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'A. E. Cockburn | Temple | Decr. 16. 1841.'

On both sides of a piece of paper 25.5 x 41 cm. 44 lines. Fair, on aged paper. The upper part of the first page laid down on card, resulting in loss of text. Begins 'I am of opinion that no partnership was created between Mr. H. D. Kingdon & Mr. Newman by the Indenture of 1838 sufficient to bar the former on an action upon that deed.' The document dates from the year in which Cockburn took silk. H. D. Kingdon was author of 'The Old English Mastiff' (London, 1873).

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