[Ethel Mannin, novelist and travel writer.] Five Typed Cards Signed and one Autograph Card Signed to Frederick Staerck, discussing her thoughts on 'decadence', civilisation, cultivating her garden, and the loss of the creative urge.

Ethel Mannin [Ethel Edith Mannin] (1900-1984), novelist and travel writer, Bohemian and socialist
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Between 2 April 1973 and 30 December 1978. One from 'Miss E. Mannin, Overhill, Brook Lane, Shaldon, Teignmouth, Devon'. Two others 'From E. M.'

Six long cards, full of interesting content, including surprising thoughts on the 'decadence' of the world, her desire to 'cultivate [her] garden' both in a literal and Voltairean sense, and the fact that the creative urge has left her. All six are signed 'Ethel Mannin'. The penultimate card is in autograph, the others typewritten. Four addressed to Staerck at Maidenhead, two to him on the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland. The collection is in good overall condition: the first has a smudged autograph note up one margin.

[ Ethel Mannin, novelist and travel writer. ] Typed Card Signed ('E M') to Sewell Stokes, explaining why she declines to write an introduction for his autobiography, and referring to Isadora Duncan.

Ethel Mannin [ Ethel Edith Mannin ] (1900-1984), novelist, travel writer and socialist [ Francis Martin Sewell Stokes (1902-1979), author and broadcaster ]
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Wimbledon [ London ] postmark. 23 May 1934.

Unillustrated official 'POST CARD' with printed penny stamp. Addressed on one side, with Wimbledon postmark, to 'Sewell Stokes, Esq., | 53, Holland Park, W.11.' In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Twelve typed lines of text. The subject of the text is Stokes's forthcoming autobiography 'Monologue' (Hutchinson, 1934), with Mannin referring to her own 'Confessions and Impressions' (Jarrolds, 1930). After thanking him for his letter she writes: 'I am glad you have decided to dispense with an introduction to the book – books, particularly of this kind, should stand on their own legs . . .

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