[ Augustus Jessopp; Landor ] Autograph Letter Signed "A Jessopp" to [ Stephen Wheeler ] about Walter Savage Landor.

Augustus Jessop (1823–1914), cleric and writer
Publication details: 
[headed] Scarning Rectory, East Dereham, 19 July 1902.

Four pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. "Yes! I am y[our] man or whatever of y[our] who while still [?] jolly twenties sent almost my earliest printed brochure to Landpor & was surprised enough [& pleased as Punch!] to see his reply to in Frazer's [sic] Magazine [..]." He no longer has copies of the Magazine or the privately printed item he send ("piece of presumption") which concerned spelling in C17th writers - "everyone spelt as he pleased" so it should be modernised.

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