Autograph Letter Signed to [the Duchess of Argyll] [Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll & 1st Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon], Society beauty etc]

Donald Campbell, intermediary for the Nabob of Arcot
Publication details: 
"Argyll Street, Wednesday", no date.

Three pages, 4to, some marking, but text clear and complete. Campbell claims to be in "habits of confidence" with "the Nabob's [Nabob of Arcot]" and is requesting that a high level letter give full "redress for grievances" rather than having a "hackneyed stile". The letter contains references to people and events which demand close knowledge of this period of Indian history, particularly revealing of relations with at least one Indian Ruler.

Autograph Letter Signed from the West Indian merchant Justinian Casamajor, of Potterells, Hertfordshire, to 'Mrs. Curling', describing the judgement of the Court of Chancery in Antigua regarding the estates of the late Mathew Christian.

Justinian Casamajor [Justinian Casamayor; Casamayorga] of Potterells Grove, Hertfordshire, West Indian merchant [Mathew Christian [Matthew Christian] (d.1778) of Antigua; sugar plantations; slavery]
Publication details: 
St Helens Place, London; 19 January 1809.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. 56 lines. Good, on aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Mrs. Curling'. Casamajor is taking 'the earliest opportunity' to inform Mrs Curling 'by the last Packet', that he has 'received an Acc[oun]t. from my agent in Antigua, that the Court of Chancery in that Island had disallowed all Charges of Interest on the Arrears of the Annuities on the late Mathew Christians Estates amounting to £2567.2.5 also the Trustees Commission of £50 a year for 16 years, to this our Counsel'.

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