[Hugh Gaitskell, Leader of the Labour Party.] Typed Letter Signed to 'Rowe', sending Christmas greetings.

Hugh Gaitskell [Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell] (1906-1963), Leader of the Labour Party
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Treasury Chambers, Great George Street, S.W.1. [London] 10 January 1951.

1p., 4to. The salutation 'My dear Rowe,' and the valediction 'Yours sincerely | Hugh Gaitskell' are in Gaitskell's autograph, written in red ink; the rest of the letter is typed. Aged and worn, with discoloration and a small insect crushed onto a blank part. Reads: 'Many thanks for your kind Christmas note and good wishes.

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