[ South African 1920s petrochemical industry. ] Substantial manuscript double-entry ledger of a company with international interests

South African petrochemical industry in the nineteen-twenties [ South Africa; Standard Oil Company; tanning; petrol; petroleum ]
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Ledger by H. C. Cray & Co, Account Book Makers & Printers, Port Elizabeth [ South Africa ]. 1921 to 1928.

340pp., folio. In sturdy brown calf binding with geometric decoration using thin leather strips and marbled endpapers. 'PRIVATE LEDGER' on label on spine. Thumb indexed. A further 12pp., 8vo, of manuscript accounts for 'Jan June 1928' on loosely-inserted leaves. The ledger indicates a substantial company (even possessing a 'Doubtful Debt Reserve'), its trading account showing a healthy balance, generally hovering around the £25,000 mark.

[Series of eleven printed British parliamentary reports, from the Library of Sir Boverton Redwood, and with his bookplate.] Report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department, on the Subject of the Testing of Petroleum.

[Sir Frederick Augustus Abel (1826-1902); Sir Boverton Redwood (1846-1919), First President of the Institution of Petroleum Technologists]
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Series A. Papers Nos. 1 to 11. Paper No. 1: 'LONDON: Printed by GEORGE E. EYRE and WILLIAM SPOTTISWOODE, Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty. For Her Majesty's Stationery Office. B835. - 50. - 11/78.' [i.e. November 1878]

The eleven parts are uniform, headed from 'SERIES A. Series No. 1' to 'SERIES A. Paper No. 11'. Totalling 57 pp., folio, with the eleven parts separately paginated: 18 + 18 + 3 + 3 + 4 + [1] + [1] + [1] + [1] + 6 + [1]. The first part is followed by three lithographed plates (the second a foldout) by Dangerfield of Covent Garden, from designs by 'F. A. Abel' and each dated and with his facsimile signature.

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