[ Presentation copy from Robert Elwell of the Grolier Club. ] The Plantin Press, Los Angeles | Check List of an Exhibition | Books, Catalogues, &c., printed by Saul and Lillian Marks.

Robert Elwell of The Grolier Club, New York; Saul and Lillian Marks, The Plantin Press, Los Angeles; Jake Zeitlin
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The Grolier Club, New York. 13 September through December 1971. [ Printed by Saul and Lillian Marks, The Plantin Press, Los Angeles. ]

16pp., 12mo. Stitched into cream wraps with title printed in red on cover. In good condition, with slight wear to overlapping edges of wraps. Inscription in pencil at head of first page: 'ABR from Bob, 1972 | - see colophon' ('ABR' is the London antiquarian bookseller Anthony Bertram Rota). The 'Acknowledgments' (rather than a colophon) on the last page begin: 'Saul and Lillian Marks wish to thank Mr. Robert Elwell for inviting the Plantin Press to show its work at the Grolier Club, [...]'.

[Inscribed by Berthold Wolpe; From Evelyn Philip Shirley's Ettington Manuscript Library.] Contemporary calligraphic copy, in ornate binding, of the 1655 Plantin 'Series Chronologica Imperatorum Romanorum, a C. Iulio Caesare ad Ferdinandum III. Avg.'

[ Christophe Plantin; Berthold Wolpe; Evelyn Phillip Shirley (1812-1882); Ettington Manuscript Library; William Staunton of Longbridge, Warwickshire ]
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Undated manuscript of work from 'Officina Plantiniana excudebat M.DC.LV. [ 1655 ]'

The text of the printed volume is neatly and skilfully copied over 61pp., 4to., and ruled in red. Interspersed with a number of pages carrying only the red ruling. Internally good and tight, in worn brown morocco binding with front hinge nearly detached, with heavily-worn spine with no label and singeing at head and foot. Gilt dentelles, both internal and external, and the following stamped within decorative border at centre of both covers: 'SERIES CHRONOLOGICA | IMPERATORUM | ROMANORUM | 1655'.

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